I admit I am a deodorant hoarder. I have a deodorant in every room and I love using them. These two are currently sitting in my living room by my tv, during my workout I always love a spray of deodorant. I actually picked these two up without smelling them, I just went from the beautiful packing, what of coarse my biggest weakness is.

Budget lover
Balea being DM's house brand  is very cheap, I payed 0.85 euro for one deodorant. So it hardly dents my budget for toiletries and I can buy more for the same moeny. The flip side of the coin is that you can only get it at German drugstores, good for people living near the border or in Germany. But I think the assortment DM offers is worth the trip, I always spend a minimal of 50 euro and that gives me a whole lot of items but does not set me back that much.

These two beautiful cans are not regular assortment but a limited edition. Balea does have a regular assortment that you can recognize by the more simple designs, most of them have the fruit or scent pictured on the can. Both cans are from the same limited edition but in my eyes they do not fit together. One looks very princess and the other looks more nightlife and semi-rockchic.

The purple design has a beautiful wing with a gemstone/diamond design. I love that they picked dark purple with a lighter shade instead of the stereotypical black and white. The thing that I do not understand is "Heavenly scent" Wait heaven? I think they should have switched up the names because the light pink princess deodorant has "Sinful scent" I know little sinners in pink and even less angels in dark colors. Of coarse this is stereotyping but I love it, but only on items not people.

Sinners first
As I said I do not understand the sinner part of this deodorant. On the back they state that it should smell really expensive. Lets put that to the test because we all know that I am a expensive kind of girl! The scent is really light and girly. It reminds me of a light flower with a hint silk. At first when I used my reaction was "Meh, it is to powerful and semi-stinking" but after a few seconds the strong scent is gone and you only can smell the light flowery scent that I adore. I actually really like this one. Perfect for daytime.

Lets go to heaven now
I can not place the scent it smells like a bit of spices followed by an unknown fruit. After a bit you can only smell something fruity. In my eyes this scent is perfect for when you plan to go sporting. It is fresh and gives you a boost. I admit that at times I use it as body spray when I am working out in front of my television.

Get it: If you like cheap deodorant that has a nice scent.
Skip it: If you hate unique scents that you can not place

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