A while ago I wrote about Asos and there sale. I love watching the items that go on sale so I can get more bang for my buck. Now I have been wanting a statement ring for a while and I came across the Pieces Flica Stone Ring  the multi colored version is currently in sale for 7.64 euro and the black and gold version for 9.03. it is a tad more then I would normally pay for costume jewelry. But this one is love!

I actually do not own that much from pieces but I adore the pieces they offer, a lot of statement pieces and on trend items. The pieces from pieces are actually very decently priced going from 5 till 20 euro.

As being said I do not prefer to pay this much for costume jewelry that most of the times break very easy, but this one has a very nice quality and a semi-expensive look about it. I love how it has two bands as ring that are melted together. Every stone has its own connection to the ring and it seems to float when you are wearing it. I have to admit with the summer going and the winter coming this ring is more suited for the first season compared to the later. But I needed to buy this and I am going to store it till the summer. I do think that the black and gold version would be perfect for the winter, the two colors go perfect together and especially during the holiday season I am seeing a trend form.

So love it or hate it? Also what do you think about the pictures, are they not pretty! 

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