I am a vivid tumblr. I would love to say that I tumbl in style like to above girl. Using it as inspiration everyday I reblog between 20 and 50 images daily. Anyways to stop my blabbering you can check out my tumblr here but you can read more for my favorites...

Tumblr is a big fashion inspiration for me because I love seeing what other people wear and adapting that into my own style

These have to be my favorites. The left one taking the crown with the amazing headdress. If we had halloween in Holland I would make that as a costume. Then we have on the right an amazingly beautiful picture of something that I would wear, the lita's, the big bun and the pink shorts. Very lovely and romantic  I  need to keep this in mind of the summer next year.
Then we have the pumps above Glitter and neon. If I had to pick one pair I would go for the yellow, it really pops. And of course I needed to add something studded.

I track a few celebrities that I think have amazing style. This has almost nothing to do with singing or how they act in real life but pure visual. I think these are beautiful people and I would love to switch for a day.

Left we have Lady Gaga! I admit I am a little monster and I adore her music. But I have to admit her style is also something that strongly appeals to me. I reblogged this one for the headdress and the colors that it holds. Then we have Pixie lott next to her. I like her music but I love the way she looks. Her hair is lush and her clothing [or lack] are beautiful. Next to Pixie we have Daphne Groeneveld. She is a dutch model and one that I adore. I admit that I love her blonde but the picture I picked just took my breath away. The hair the make-up and the expression is perfect. Then we have two ladies left in the mix, Nicki Minaj is not really somebody who appeals to me music wise. Just not my kind of this. Yet her style is something I adore. So I couldn't leave her out. Also pink lips & blonde hair is very Denna. And last but not least Miss Kim Kardashian. I know a lot of people think she is fake, ugly and other things. I adore her style and it comes close to what I want to wear in real life. She has an amazing style and something that i love to see.

Till now I reblogged a lot of images that I adore. These below have to be my favorites.

I wanted to start with a simple one that is 'think positive' at times that is something that slips my mind and I just forget. I fall into a negative spiral and I just need to think positive. I also love showing these messages on my dash. Then we have an amazing piece with studs. HELLO STUDS! I love studs in all forms and I would walk around like a living porcupine if I could. This dress is amazing and if I had the funds and body I would recreate it. Then we have a clutch and a few rings that just screamed "Reblog me!" The clutch is actually something that I am watching on ebay. SO maybe soon I will own it. Then we have below 'think positive  an amazing collar, I need it. If somebody knows where I can buy it send me a message. Then hiding away we have an infinity tattoo. I have been lusting to get one. But I am waiting for a special moment. Lower left we have a beautiful girl with a yellow blazer and a cute updo. It speaks for itself why I reblogged this. I recommend vodka, this image is something I reblog every time I see it. It is fun and makes me smile. And closing this post we have an amazing double updo. I love how the picture is posed and the hair is styled.

So you can check my  tumblr here and I would like it if you left your tumblr in the comments. 

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