So strange beauty questions, we all heard them and some of you might have asked them. I am talking about questions that make you cringe and perhaps makes you want to stab the person asking them. I wrote down my top questions where I had my “Wtf” moment or was lost at words. Asked from people who might read a book upside down.  Actually I was planning one article but somehow a whole lot of text made me make two.  These are all questions asked to me in real life and most directly to my face…...Read and enjoy.

Do you have a whole room full of eye shadow?
With a 88 palette and recently a 120 palette I do own a rainbow of colours. Yes I do! But they take up very little space. Also I have a few singles, mono  and trio eye shadows. But taking a room is always a bit overreacting in my eyes. So when I receive this question I just start to list what I own and casually end with “But I only got one make-up room” 

You look kind of mean today, but that is the make-up right?Yes, only mean people wear black eyeliner and paint their nails black and only sweet people go for pastel eye shadow and pink nails.
I do not believe in boxes and I do not believe that my outside has to be my inside.

I am against judging for looks. Fashion is expressing yourself and wearing what you love.
I believe few people roll out of there bed with the idea “Today I am going to scare some kids, where is my eye shadow!”
But how can you explain that in a nice way to people….

You blog about make-up, is that why you own that much?
I do not buy stuff because I want to blog. I do not buy something that I do not love.  That might be the reasons why I almost never show a whole collection. My blog is just growing so I do not have a lot of sponsored items. But that is beside the point…What I always say is “I would own the same amount even if I didn’t have a blog. But it might have been one of the reasons that I started to blog. Because I want to share what I know, have and tested. ”

Can you paint my nails? Wow your horrible at it…How did you get your own nails so nice?
This was my most recent what the fuck! I was sitting at a table and suddenly somebody asked me to paint their nails. So I mentioned I was not that good at painting nails what was waved away as me being humble and not so cocky as I normally am.
So I did my best but I was shaky and I mentioned that she needed some remover to clean up. Then somebody next to her mentioned the above thing. Yes I can’t paint other peoples nails. But I can paint my own left and right handed.

It is like the fact that I can paint left and right handed. I can eat with chopsticks with my left and right hand. Much easier than doing those things by somebody ells. No I cannot feed somebody with chopsticks without promising that I will not toss noodles on their lap. I cannot hold somebodies hand to paint a straight line and I cannot paint somebodies nails.

At least not without practice.  But how do you explain that to people?

Why do you wear your make-up so unique/strange/different?
Sheep, I often use that word. It is not a nice word in my eyes and I do not like to see sheep. Now the cute fluffy animals but the people who wear red lips when red lips are trending but before that state “I would nevuuuurrr wear that”
The type of people who say winged eyeliner is horrible but when somebody declares it trending cant wait to ask me for advice to get a nice wing.

So I do not think I wear my make-up unique. I just wear what I like. I might have been inspired by a designer that used the colour on the runway or I might have been inspired by a picture I have seen on tumblr. I might have seen a small blogger with amazing skills.

Is your eyeliner tattooed on? 
Note that the above picture shows how I normally put on my eyeliner...
I want to conclude with my favourite. I literally cringed when I was in church. Now I do not wear something special to church I just dress nice. I set my signature winged liner at times. But there have been many times that I went nude. But with cloths of course.
But then after mass a women walked towards me. She saw me around a lot and most of the times complimented my outfit. “I love your style!” yes I love to get flattered and often toss a few compliments around. Till she walked towards me and started with “I always wanted to ask you this..” my mind of coarse clicked towards  A: She wants something from me. B: She thinks I look indecent. C: She is going to set me up with a cute guy.
But sadly enough It was option D, she asked me if I got my eyeliner tattooed on. Setting aside my fear of things going toward my eyes [contacts or fingers for example] I was wearing that time a thick eyeliner with a wing. And I set it thicker then I normally do. So yes that would have been a big ass tattoo in dark dark black. And that would have been a large commitment that I think a few people might take while drunk. After that she of coarse complimented me on my skills with some eyeliner after I explained  I just ‘painted it on’

Now kittens, what are questions regarding your appearance you do not want to hear or have no answer to.
Share your awkwardness! 

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