I love telling stories from the old times or current times. If my grammar was not so horrible I would write a book. Actually if I had the skills to write I would do it. So yes the fashion questions that send shivers down my spine.

Denna stop trying to look smart!
To start I own glasses and I cannot read the board at school when I am sitting in the back. Now I have to admit I am one of the cool kids that secure the place in the back and most of the times in the center. I need to be able to communicate with my people in front of me [at the lower ranks] and spread my word from the back. Also I am always the creepy sound at the back making snappy remarks when you do not expect it. But to stop myself holiness I was talking about my glasses. 

So I do not see when I am at the back and I prefer to see what I am trying to learn. So I pull out my nerd glasses, I have two pair one black pair that is currently a fashion statement and a pair of office casual purple. So I lay my pencil and notebook in front of me and then SNAP I whip out my glasses. And then the remarks start “You do not even wear glasses” “Stop trying to look smart”

I got a solid solution for that and that is to give my glasses to the person making the remark and that is often followed by “You are blind!” Actually they are not that strong. I just need them for two things, reading the board and driving a car.  I once actually tried to use them to look smart so I remarked that at a teacher during a test and he was like “Really, are those fake…” “No but I do look smarter right!”

You are so bold. Wearing pink skinny jeans/ a glittery top.
 I do not think wearing a colour is being bold especially paired with black. It is just an accent pop that most outfits need. I am actually a fan of color clash but I do not wear it that much as I said I always go for black with a pop.
So one day I was doing my internship when a fellow teacher walked towards me “You are so bold the way you wear coloured clothing and those pink jeans”
What do you say against that “Yeah I didn’t want to be any of the herd wearing only neutral colours, no offence..”
Same goes for a top with some sparkle, it is not only for christmas in my eyes.

Are you not cold? ‘Yes I am freeeeezing’
If there was one fashion collection I could design I would not add a single long sleeve. I think long sleeves are horrible and thanks to my long arms most of them do not hit right. So I prefer to wear short sleeves or 2/3 sleeves. Whatever has long sleeves I just push up till a bit under my elbows. I like my arms naked with a whole lot of bracelets.

Now while I am writing this I am sitting behind the computer in a short sleeves dress while my sister is on the other side of the room in a knitted sweater. Actually to make my point, everybody except me is wearing long sleeves. But I am not cold…Only when there is snow I break out the vests to wear over my tops.
That brings me to the fact that whenever I am in a group atleast one person has to ask “Are you not cold?” What always makes me go “No are you not warm?” You would think that people who know me for atleast year would have noticed at some point that I almost never wear long sleeves. Yet they somehow never do…

You got the Versace for H&M flats? I love Versace!
The above question seems harmless but not the story behind it. Two girls where talking about how sad they were that they did not get the flats from the designer collaboration. I butted in with the “I actually have those” After I finished one said the above quote “You got the Versace for H&M flats? I love Versace!” Of course I went in mad design loving mode and mentioned ‘Yes I adore Donatella” I got a strange face with “Who?” At times like that I just need to keep my mouth shut. When people blabber on how they love chanel but look at me strangely when I mention Karl Lagerfeld I just need to keep my snappy remarks to myself.

You are so tall!
I am 5.7feet or 1.75cm, not short but also not really that tall. I can walk round town and not stand out well that is without heels. The higher the better! I love anything with a high heel and love parading round. But I also walk around in sneakers a lot.
At times I meet people in the street that I see from time to time. And most of them start with “You’re so tall!” when I have not seen them in a while.  They think I grew atleast 6 cm in a month. At 23 I am sure I will not grow anymore, maybe shrink but not grow.
It always result in me showing my heels which always brings me to problem number two! “I wished I could walk in those.” “I wished I had those shoes..” “Those are so cute, how high is the heel?”
Those questions I always answer neatly, but when I meet a 65 year old women I do not see the point of going “I bought those there and there, they would look so good on you” Nope Semi-Hooker heels would not fit you. Also if you normally would wear orthopaedic shoes how can I say “Ofcoarse you can walk in them, Want to borrow?” 

What questions do you prefer not to be asked?

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