This are the outtakes! I shoot an average of 50 pictures for one picture and I use round 5 so a lot of those are miss-shots. So yes let me start of with the most horrible picture I shot this week it looks photo shopped but it is real. I somehow jumped in a very flat way. I had a few nice jumping pictures but 99% where horrible. So do you want a small laugh read more...

Again a jumping one. Look at that muscle on my right leg and the fact that i jumped far to high, I left enough space to Photoshop a lot of stuff under it.  Perhaps a whole lot of words to make an add. "Want muscle?" or "Got abducted by aliens recently?"

Then we have the kitten who likes to be in every shot. You got a box? She needs to be in it. She actually was trying to open the box so I opened it for her. She is actually a talent at opening things, she can open doors and closets. So yes she actually stays like that for the whole time I am shooting pictures for articles. It is kind of creepy how she can keep staring at the camera with those eyes. She actually kind of sad when I took the box away. Also at one moment she left left her box because she didn't get enough attention and guess what happened.....

Yes she decided to be in the shot. No respect for the person taking pictures. She actually tried afterwards to get into the shoe box when I took my new boots out.  Now I am going to end it with a picture that I call "The pony jump" Also take note of the label sticking under the boots that I showed of.

So I started of mild with my outtakes, I got silly faces and other strange stuff but I am keeping that for an other day. Do you like seeing the outtakes does it make my blog more personal? Or do you prefer it if you just see the good pictures? 

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