Now I am first to admit that I am not a candle person. My mother on the other hand adores to 'light up' our life. I do not see the use of lighting a candle for just a tiny flame that can set your house in a bigger flame. Okay I might be overreacting but as I said "not a fan" That was till I wandered through ikea and came across there scented candles. Do note that bolded scented. I wanted them and strange enough three candles made there way into my basket.

Ikea, not only funny names
These candles are called Tindra, a fun note if you translate it from swedish to english you get  shine, twinkle and give of light as translation. I  have to admit I always thought that Ikea had some crazy people who tossed a few letters in a big bowl and then randomly drew up letters till they had a name for there new product.  Anyways these Tindra candles go for 1.99 euro a candle, in my eyes expensive for something you set fire to, but I see that other scented candles are also round this price and that it is decent for a candle that lasts for 30 hours.

The package
Now I mostly bought these as decorate smelly decoration. Now ikea had the bright idea to put large stickers on them and I am not talking about the tops I am talking about the glass covering stickers on the side. Now you might think "Denna you are losing it, there are no stickers..." Yes I got them off directly when I got home. It took me some time to peel of every little piece of paper and I had to soak them in water. Not a great idea Ikea.

The smell of contestant number one
In the left corner we have the red team, Ikea does not name the smells but gives us a sticker with a picture that gives an idea of the smell. Personally I do not mind yet I would preferred it if they atleast gave a name on the site so people would go "Yes the Tindra candle is something that I want, yes the red one. No the dark red the other..."
Anyways I call this one red berries, I tried to google the name of the berries but I came out empty. The smell is very fruity and sweet. I have this one next to my bed and I must say it really 'lights up' a room smell wise. The scent is strong yet not overpowering also it does not smell artifactual as most fruit scented candles do.

Number two reminds me of Christmas 
Second candle on the list is the one I keep on my desk. It has a picture of an apple and some cinnamon on it.  I bought this for the cinnamon smell because it reminds me of Christmas. The scent is best described as the scent when you make an apple pie with cinnamon or some apple chips out of the oven. This one is also strong scented and you can even smell it when it has the plastic lid on. Really a nice buy for the colder days. The only point that I do not love is the shade of brown, it reminds me of chocolate pudding...

My favorite
Then again I have no idea what it is modeled after  it looks like cookies and vanilla ice cream and that is also what my nose is telling me, well only the last part. The vanilla scent is overpowering and I love it! This scent is the most subtle of the three candles and you do not smell it when you have the lid on. After popping the lid of you can smell a faint scent of vanilla that lingers through the room. The combination of the white candle that is perfect for my decoration and the vanilla, my favorite scent makes this candle hands down the winner.
So what do you think about ikea and what is your favorite Tindra? 
They do make me hungry btw...

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