I got this bag from my sister a long time ago. Well for my birthday actually and I know a lot of people adore this bag when they find it on ebay. But there is always a lot of doubt because there are always questions about color, sturdiness and if the item really looks like the picture. Do note that the bag looks like this after a full months use.

The quality
If I am correct my sister payed round 8 dollar for this bag and I have to admit that I love the quality. It is sturdy and the size is lush. I can fit my big wallet, cellphone and some little crap into it with ease. So it is really my go to bag when I need to go the store for something little. People seem to like the bag altought there are questions what animal it needs to be. I am aiming towards fox but I also heard owl, dog and cat.

Where on ebay.
This one is actually very easy to find, just type "Fox bag" and I am sure you will find it. Look round the price range of 8 dollar. There are many bags going for more but they are the same bag. I did find some other pictures on the internet from other people who also bought this bag. Some had the eyes slightly lopsided so that is the risk you can take. Also if you are not a pink person this bag also comes in black,green,teal,lightpink,brown and few more colors.

So what do you think? Would you wear this animal-istic bag?
and what kind of animal do you see in it?

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