Recently I came into contact with Marlon Teunissen a fellow Dutch girl. If there is one thing that I love that is people who follow their dreams and can express their creativity.  Marlon has been a freelance artist for several years now, she also has a Website called Dreamchasergallery. But today I am going to show you her etsy shop  and the variety of products she sells.

Marlon has started drawing like most people at a young age.It started as a hobby but since she turned 13 she started to take it more seriously. Getting inspiration everywhere including other artists, music and everyday life.

I think a piece of her art would look beautiful on most walls and would work perfect as statement piece. She offers them in her shop in A3 size  but also some smaller prints  Also note at times she has special offers like buy 2 get one free. I personally love the above prints.

But hear you thinking "I might not prefer art on my walls" No fear because her shop also offers other beautiful things that have her own original art.  Above you can see some necklaces My favorite being the queen of cards and the Sleeping Beauty. These pendants come with a free artwork card and is made with real glass. You can pick between square and round.

Pocket mirrors are also something you can get with some beautiful artwork. Also this is my favorite item in the shop, being the vain person that I am. Also if you buy 3 you get one for free so these are perfect to give as gifts.

Not to sound like a cheesy commercial but "There is more!" Stickers and Magnets Charms and Keychains And ofcoarse bookmarks
I could write a even larger article but why not take a look yourself? You can order your own at Dreamchaserart

And tell me? What is your favorite print and item?

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