I buy a lot on ebay and I do like to share my finds. So read more for the sellers and to hear what it is.

Top left we have a batman ring. As an undercover  comic book lover I needed to have it. For 1.79 dollar the ring is a steal. Sadly enough I did not see that the ring size is 6.5 and far to small for my fingers. So that is why I bought ring bases, I am sure I can fix it.

Next up we have an adorable ribbon necklace, it is a nice necklace for layering with a long pendant. And yes I am planning to wear it with my coin pendant. This little baby was only 0.99 dollar. So cheaper then cheap. I am really looking forward to this one.

HairCuff! They were a trend a while ago but I never owned them. I do admit that that was because I had no clue what color I should get and was just to lazy to find one online. I do think they look cute especially with a fishtail braid so I got the gold one. Currently I am debating to get a silver one or perhaps rose gold?

On the complete right we have my christmas gift for my grannie. It is a sky star maker  This one is colorful and easy to put together. for 4.39 it is a steal!  And a perfect gift for my little old grannie who adores stuff like this.

Left center we have a strange thing that 99% have no idea what it is. It is a pop-uFlash Diffuser Cover You put it on your camera and it diffuses the flash so it isn't that bright. Also the blue gives a hint of blue and orange gives a hint of orange.

Next to the pop-up we have ringbases, 50 of them! They are for making your own rings of course. These are silver plated btw.

Those little beaded babies are something I bought a few days ago. I ordered one that is send random. It is a giant hair clip and I love add this to my hair when I am rocking a  nice updo. For only 1.35 dollar you can take a shot.

Last but not least we have my favorite thing. This is the Astro star. This is something that you need to make from scratch, you get everything you need but it takes at least 1 hour to get together. I know a lot of girls already asked my to make pictures of this one when I get it. And I am sure going to write a blogpost about it when I get it together.

What was in  your latest ebay haul?

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