I actually showed this ring in My life in pictures, the three pearl ring. It is a ring that I think is cute and lovely. It spices up an outfit without being to flashy. But is the ring really that lovely.

It is not that big?
While I am used to wearing big rings in everyday life I had some troubles with this one. I keep hitting things with it and it seemed to move a lot. It didn't feel nice to wear while normally two finger rings didn't faze me.  I had to push against the pearls to keep it on my finger because every time I did my hand down it seemed to slip.

Is it worth the price...
Ebay has cheap pieces and this is one of them. It was 0.99 dollar so it costed almost nothing. But so do most ebay rings. This one is different. This one snapped in two pieces and then the pearl fell of. It just snapped without my moving my fingers.
So it might have been the quality of the ring or the fact that I had to keep moving the pearls together. I personally do not advice you buy this ring because there are many more sturdy rings on ebay that do not break easy.

What was your miss buy from ebay?

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