I know some people remember this ring  from DKNY. I was over the moon when I got this ring. Now I walked passed the jeweler in town when I went to buy some bread. Like little red I ofcoarse strayed from my goal and went to fit some rings at the big bad Jeweler.

I need more stacking..
To be honest I have been playing with the idea of getting some more thin rings for a while. My DKNY rose ring was so empty on my finger and so thin and frail. My fatty fingers needed to get some more body. To my suprise the jeweler had a sale and silver rings where 50% off.

Now to remind you that my DKNY ring was 50 euro for two. A decent price I would say. Now the silver ring you see above was 18 euro minus 50%. Dirty dirty dirty cheap. Real silver on my new ring vs Rose plated steel on my DKNY ring. I would say that I made a wise choice picking the DKNY ring?

They did have more!
I tried on atleast 5 variations of this ring, with stones and without. Different sizes and combinations. I knew my DKNY ring would be similar but I had no idea they where very identical.

So yes now I have two ring, still a tad small for my taste because I want atleast three. But then again I have no idea what to add. Silver with stones would be a nice option if I want to go silver-r.gold-silver but I do love the idea of three different colors so then I would need to add gold to the mix. Or prehaps rose-silver-rose. Or perhaps a ring with a single stone? I have no idea at the moment so leave a comment what you  would do. Also different brands that also sell thin stacking rings are loved.

So what do you think about my two rings and also the lovely neon orange box?

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