So today I want to share my vest [and prehaps jeans that my butt does not fill out] It started as a dark jeans vest and I bleached the bottom. It was very easy...want to know how?

As you can see it is bleached in a round pattern. I got a few tips because this is very easy to do.

  • Fill two buckets one with bleach mixed with water and one with water
  • Close all the buttons and dip the vest toward the highest place you want the bleach and let it rest for a bit.
  • Then shift the blouse upwards a bit towards the place you want the lighter parts
  • Now you see the splotches I have? For that effect you have to bundle and shift while laying it in the bleach.
  • Then what you like the shade it became? Wash with cold water and let dry. 
  • Really easy and cute to do.
It looks really cute on a casual day outfit.

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