I admit that I am a slight genius. I made the above picture with "What is this palette?" but of course the title that is big above this post screams "Concealer palette from ebay" So I assume that I failed to make anybody interest and make you think "O yes what could that palette be?" Still want to see the concealer palette and swatches...

Ordered at ebay again.
So awhile ago I ordered this palette from ebay for 3 dollar 89. Say after me "Only that little?" For that money you normally get one till three colors of concealer but I got a whole palette with 15 shades. There is actually an other similar pallet on ebay with a tad darker colors and green. But because this one had some lighter tones I went for this.

And I have to admit it looks pretty. I actually got it for the visual appeal. But more about that in a bit. I know a lot of people are still icky about buying from ebay especially something so fragile and there are questions if it was safe. To start with the safe question, I never had a problem with concealer or foundation from ebay but if you are not sure first test on your pulse or arm. Get an itch or does it turn red after a few hours toss it away! But then again I never had problems.

As you might know palettes are always something you need to be careful about. They might break during shipping or get broken when the mailman tosses it with force into your mailbox.My experience is that sellers pack in very thick bubble wrap and the palettes almost everytime survive. Got a problem with a broken palette? You can always mail the seller with pictures and perhaps get a refund.

The palette & swatches.
The palette as you can see comes in a cardboard box and it is very sturdy. Also I did not take a picture from the top but it is nice matt. I prefer this to shiny pallets that are very attractive to dust and fingerprints.also there was a shiny piece of plastic on top of the concealer, I liked it because it made it feel a tad more expensive.  But to stop blabbering and show the swatches! Numbered with first row till third row going from left to right!

As you can see some shades are similar but very useful. I think this is pretty amazing to use all year round.  The concealer is very very creamy and it took only one streak to get the swatches. So there is nothing wrong with the pigmentation.

My verdict.
It is a very cheap palette that has amazing pigmentation. If you need some new concealer I would advice you try this out. For the cheap price you can't go wrong.

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