Shaking in my chair I retyped this post four till five times. Should I post this or not? Fashion is a big part of my life and I would love to bring this into my blog. Then again I am not the typical pretty girl and pretty awkward infront of the camera. But I believe that when I keep on taking outfit pictures I will improve and I hope my lovely readers will take that journey with me.

So yeah, I am going to share my outfit from time to time...

Starting with my casual day outfit. This outfit is what I trow on when I am going somewhere and need to get dressed fast. These are my bleached jeans tucked into my new warm esprit boots. I normally wear a top without sleeves so I always have a vest with sleeves layout around.
The scarf you see is one I bought from ebay, I already have an article lined up about it and the necklace is my go-to Mi Moneda coin pendant.

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