If you have read yesterdays post you know that my computer is still in repair and I am trying to recover my old photos and programs. But I do got one post in the advance that I can show you, it is my bag from ebay . So for the little price of 6 euro I got this bag from ebay....

First view
Truth to be told is that I almost never go for a brown bag, they often turn out to be orange or red when you get them. But for 6 euro I went for it! and damn it is brown, a perfect shade in my eyes. During the whole period of my volunteer work I dragged this bag with me. It actually comes with a longer shoulder band but I did not prefer to use that.
Also a nice little detail is that the bag was packed in a dustbag [that I misplaced] and has a removable inner bag.

Is it sturdy
This bag is very sturdy. I dragged this baby with me on the bus and train for an hour to work and an hour bag. During the day the bag was tossed and semi-stepped on. The pictures show the bag after use btw. So it is really sturdy.

So do you like it?

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