Alverde is a nature make-up. It hold a combination of organic tea tree oil and organic kamille oil. So this stick does not only cover but also heal. So I love what it promises so lets check it out!

A first look
I have to admit that I am fan of extreme packages but I can appreciate clean and simple packages. The green does fits the image of the brand and I love that most items from the collection are matching. I also like the see through cap that shows the product.
It is clean in use and easy, just a twist and there is your product!

The smell
The smell is lush! The tea tree oil is really overpowering and I like that, I can see that some people would not like it. But the point of this product is of course....the use! Smell can take you a long way but it does need to work and it does! It is a nice product that is perfect for everyday use and it is a staple piece in my handbag. Suddenly got a zit or a blemish? Whip this out and hide the imperfection. After buying this I have been using it daily. I actually prefer it over liquid concealer.

What I think
As you can see on the above swatch it gives out great after one stroke. It is perfect to cover little imperfections and I actually think it does speed up the healing process.
For a few euros I say "Try it out!"

What do you think about alverde nature cosmetics?

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