Now I am first to admit that I am not a candle person. My mother on the other hand adores to 'light up' our life. I do not see the use of lighting a candle for just a tiny flame that can set your house in a bigger flame. Okay I might be overreacting but as I said "not a fan" That was till I wandered through ikea and came across there scented candles. Do note that bolded scented. I wanted them and strange enough three candles made there way into my basket.

So strange beauty questions, we all heard them and some of you might have asked them. I am talking about questions that make you cringe and perhaps makes you want to stab the person asking them. I wrote down my top questions where I had my “Wtf” moment or was lost at words. Asked from people who might read a book upside down.  Actually I was planning one article but somehow a whole lot of text made me make two.  These are all questions asked to me in real life and most directly to my face…...Read and enjoy.

Recently I came into contact with Marlon Teunissen a fellow Dutch girl. If there is one thing that I love that is people who follow their dreams and can express their creativity.  Marlon has been a freelance artist for several years now, she also has a Website called Dreamchasergallery. But today I am going to show you her etsy shop  and the variety of products she sells.

I actually showed this ring in My life in pictures, the three pearl ring. It is a ring that I think is cute and lovely. It spices up an outfit without being to flashy. But is the ring really that lovely.

You might have heard about Gaia Zoo if you live in Holland. It is a tiny zoo but very cute made. I love animals so I thought why not check it out. After paying a hefty price I walked into the zoo armed with my camera. Today, my favorite shots!

I buy a lot on ebay and I do like to share my finds. So read more for the sellers and to hear what it is.

So I buy my own. Well not a diamond ring but a nice ring actually make that two. Recently I came across the joy of bidding on ebay. Normally I go for the "I see I buy I have" route but I decided to have some fun and start bidding on stuff I liked but could live without. I came across the seller cutepanda11 and that is where this fairy tale starts. 

I love telling stories from the old times or current times. If my grammar was not so horrible I would write a book. Actually if I had the skills to write I would do it. So yes the fashion questions that send shivers down my spine.

This limited edition is something I fished out of the discount bin. For only one euro I say Hello Cucuba! I am not a fan of yellow nails but this shade was calling my name, what I adore from this is the shimmer into it . No I admit pictures speak more than words. So check out what lovely shots I snapped.

Also soon a new layout, I got my worker elves working on it

Alverde is a nature make-up. It hold a combination of organic tea tree oil and organic kamille oil. So this stick does not only cover but also heal. So I love what it promises so lets check it out!

I love the sale at Asos. I can snatch up pieces that normally cost a lot more. I love the quality of expensive pieces but I do not like the price. This is the best of both worlds. I have to share these two pieces that are currently in sale. I ordered them myself and am waiting for it.

I am a vivid tumblr. I would love to say that I tumbl in style like to above girl. Using it as inspiration everyday I reblog between 20 and 50 images daily. Anyways to stop my blabbering you can check out my tumblr here but you can read more for my favorites...

So today I am going to share a tag. It is the Liebster award that I received from Simone now I a have to admit that I am horrible at filling out tags but I am going to give my best shot. 
I have to start with the fact that Mirabelle is produced by fair trade. What I love about this brand is that you get a piece that looks original and is something people will notice without it being large,big,bright & in your face. It are all classic pieces that would fit many wardrobes. I love her use of shell and the way it all fits together.

Want your own piece by Mirabelle check it out here

So this is the first life in pictures, a few snaps that are not enough for a full article yet I are cute, funny or nice enough to share. So read more.

I made two outfit one is a subtle black and the other bright pink and red [clashing but lovely items] Read more for the prices and the break down of items.

I admit that I am a slight genius. I made the above picture with "What is this palette?" but of course the title that is big above this post screams "Concealer palette from ebay" So I assume that I failed to make anybody interest and make you think "O yes what could that palette be?" Still want to see the concealer palette and swatches...

I got teary eyed when he landed. What about you guys?

I actually could not find much about Krystal about the origin or what their point of view is. I did find that they use swarovski elements. The thing that stood out to me about Krystals earrings is that they are so damn classy! but still keep it young in my eyes. They are perfect for a new years dinner or a christmas party. They could be rocked at prom or just a day that you wear jeans and a tee.

You can check out Krystal here They accually got a lot of earrings on sale at the moment.
Also have you heard about Krystal?

Shaking in my chair I retyped this post four till five times. Should I post this or not? Fashion is a big part of my life and I would love to bring this into my blog. Then again I am not the typical pretty girl and pretty awkward infront of the camera. But I believe that when I keep on taking outfit pictures I will improve and I hope my lovely readers will take that journey with me.

So yeah, I am going to share my outfit from time to time...

Some people might know this, I am trying to lose some weight for some time now and tone up. So you might wonder why am I writing about chocolate? Many girls that I talk with stay away from chocolate because they want to lose weight. But what most people do not know is that dark chocolate has many benefits.
Johnny Loves Rosie is a brand that really speaks to me. It has many pieces including wallets,bags and hair bands. But the thing that stood out to be was the necklace collection. So many charms on one necklace giving it a lovely cluster look. Most charms have the vintage feel about them that is so amazing!

So what do you think? Want your own check out the collection here

If you have read yesterdays post you know that my computer is still in repair and I am trying to recover my old photos and programs. But I do got one post in the advance that I can show you, it is my bag from ebay . So for the little price of 6 euro I got this bag from ebay....

So sadly enough no blogupdate today. I already arranged a new desktop yet getting my files and programs back with be a tad harder.
I hope to be blogging soon again.
So today I want to share my vest [and prehaps jeans that my butt does not fill out] It started as a dark jeans vest and I bleached the bottom. It was very easy...want to know how?

I know some people remember this ring  from DKNY. I was over the moon when I got this ring. Now I walked passed the jeweler in town when I went to buy some bread. Like little red I ofcoarse strayed from my goal and went to fit some rings at the big bad Jeweler.

Again with your ebay? Yes I have to admit that I have a slight problem but I feel a lot of people like to see how ebay jewelry looks in real life. And here it is! Read more for more pictures...

I got this bag from my sister a long time ago. Well for my birthday actually and I know a lot of people adore this bag when they find it on ebay. But there is always a lot of doubt because there are always questions about color, sturdiness and if the item really looks like the picture. Do note that the bag looks like this after a full months use.

So some time ago I had to go to DM for some shampoo and yes I hear you thinking. One blog post about one shampoo is a tad to much. But I have to share this shampoo because I think it is amazing! I have horrible experiences with volume shampoos from different brands. Why I like this? Read more!

So I got a slight Ebay problem I admit that. Rings are my favorite subject and often they go for the big ones. And so yet again with this ring I expended my collection and added some blue to it. I took a few nice pictures that shows the ring for more sides. So read more.

This are the outtakes! I shoot an average of 50 pictures for one picture and I use round 5 so a lot of those are miss-shots. So yes let me start of with the most horrible picture I shot this week it looks photo shopped but it is real. I somehow jumped in a very flat way. I had a few nice jumping pictures but 99% where horrible. So do you want a small laugh read more...

So I went to the site of DM and found there new Limited Edition shower gel. With the lush drool-inducing 'flavorscherry-almond and fig-chocolate. But are they really that good as the package implies with the amazing artwork. 

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