I love collaborations but somehow I always miss out on them. By luck I scored some Karl Lagerfeld for Coca-Cola light pieces and a pair of shoes from Versace for H&M. So when I spotted the Jean Paul Gaultier cans I was over the moon. They are perfect for decorations and a start of my collaboration collection. Also I got a nice tip if you read more...

So you might wonder, what about the cola inside? I got a lovely tip for people like me who want it drained. I cant stand the idea that in a few years there would still be old cola inside.
So grabbed a pair of scissors and a hammer.

You hammer a few holes [I did two] in the bottom and let the cola 'spray'out. So I advice to do this outside cause it will get messy. 

Does anybody ells also have these cans? And did you drain them?

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