When people make a remark about my teeth is always one of two things. "What do you have adorable tiny teeth!~" and I have to admit my teeth are far to small but the thing that I hear the most is "How do you get your teeth so white?" Now I do not believe my teeth are Hollywood white, but I got a few tips to share how to get whiter teeth.

First off look at my teeth, do you want your teeth to be as white? Do note that I did not Photoshop my teeth.  Photoshop can be a good way to improve your teeth in pictures while you work on getting them whiter in real life. When I first stared to get interested in getting my teeth whiter was when I got my braces of, people who had braces know the process and know they polish your teeth afterwards to get them damn clean. That is your starting point! When you have them polishes plaque does not get on so easy.

 Chapter one: Put down the bleach and grab your lipstick.
I am a firm believer that lipstick can make your teeth look whiter. Picking a good shade might be hard but it gets easier the more you look at the shades. Dark shades make your teeth look whiter of coarse but they are not really suited for young girls or everyday wear.
I believe that you can never go wrong with a good shade of red. There are many shades of red and I am sure you can find one that suits you. My experience says that brown and shades make your teeth look a tad more yellow, and not something that we want.
The best way to find what shade suits your teeth is to go into a high end make-up store and ask them to pull some colors that suit your skin tone but also make your teeth appear more white.

Chapter two: As your mom told you, brush brush brush. But at times she can be wrong.
My mom is the sweetest thing but at times she is wrong. My mom is very budget orientated and always told me "It does not matter what kind of toothpaste you use as long as you brush good." But when I made the switch from budget to Colgate and Oral-B [a tad more high end in price] I noticed the difference. I went from the toothpastes as I showed above. The max white one is currently in use and it has a very positive effect on my teeth, it lightened at least two shades since I have been using it.

But to keep your teeth healthy you should not overuse the whitening. It is good to switch from time to time to a nice protective toothpaste. My go to toothpaste is Oral-B pro-expert with multi protection. Some people brush three times a day and some only twice. I personally brush in the morning and before going to bed but when I my teeth feel not clean I give them an extra brush during the day. You might wonder what I mean with 'feel not clean'  Try going with your tongue over your teeth, does it feel bumpy or does it feel smooth? If it feel bumpy give it a nice brush till it feels clean. But keep in mind that you do not push to hard while brushing because that can damage the teeth.

Chapter three: But I got a damn party and yellow teeth! 
Want an instant fix? Sorry but I got no answer to that because getting whiter teeth does take some time. The above toothpaste can help a little hand but not a lot. It gives a slightly whiter teeth after using but the effect is not "wow, omg!" there are also other products that promise to directly give a whiter feel but I have not used them myself.
But why chapter three? Just to burst your bubble? No, I want to give a small note that people who smile get more complements on there smile. Even when you have a bit of yellow teeth a sweet smile and a honest laugh can make it look more beautiful then when you press your lips shut to avoid showing them. White teeth are nice but not everything.

So my advice is, good toothpaste, brush and smile.

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