Fossil is one of my favorite brands, stunning packages and amazing jewelry. Sadly enough I do not own a lot of fossil jewels. I got two pieces, one I got a long time ago and a new one that I got a few days ago.

Both items are steel and amazing quality. They came in the pictured box and it really is a motivation to buy more from Fossil. I want a whole army of cute boxes!

The old piece are my cross earrings, they are long and just hit my shoulders. They are amazing with hair down and up. I got these in sale for 10 euro.
90% of the people who see them hate them, but I adore them.

 My newest treasure is this key, I got it to wear together my with my coin necklae. The charm can be put on bracelets,anklets and necklaces. It is really a cute piece.

I got this one at the dutch store Berden for 10 euro because all charms had discounts.

What brand do you really love and want more of?

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