No I am not blogging about a cat collar, this are actually my new cuffs. I got a pair of ebay and decided to snap a few pictures. These only where $4.98 for a pair.  Read more for more kitten pictures...o yes, and of coarse normal pictures of my new cuffs!

 These cuffs are AMAZING! I love multi-use jewelry. these cuffs can be used as anklets to spice up a pump but also as a loose bracelet for an armparty. Yesterday I wore them as sleeve holders/ upper arm bracelets to glam up a classy blazer. 

The bracelet can be opened and closed thanks to a pin. Very easy to put on yourself with a simple two finger movement. I have to admit that it is a tad tight on my anklets but they fit closed. For people with bigger anklets I do advice to leave them open or just go for the bracelet feel. 

I believe in this day of fashion everybody can use some nice anklets and upper arm bracelets. they can be rock, chic but also stylized and modern. For people who do not like gold they are also available in silver and black so a tad toned down. 
I have to admit after closing and opening a few times one of the cuffs broke. They are still good to wear but not closed.

Disclaimer: No kittens where harmed in making these pictures, my cats love getting dressed up for pictures and directly after I got them off. 
Want the seller? Do ask me in the comments. 

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