Dream it. Do it has never been my motto. I love to think and debate the best option and to never take a plunge. But recently I have been thinking about taking a shot especially seeing I am sick. Not the dying sick but I am sick. I cant run for a long time because I can not breath, get light headed, nauseous and shaky.  Currently as I am typing this I am waiting for the test results from the hospital.

So yeah, I live healthy and sport a lot. I am almost never sick, a cold....no way! But yeah currently I am sick but I have no idea what I have. My blood pressure is far to high for somebody of my age that lives salt free. This all surely sucks but then again it is nothing if you compare to people who have real illnesses or worries. But it got my thinking...

But back to the topic of dreaming. I live day by day and do not dream. I have my plan and follow that. I do not wander from my set plan because I might fail. But I always debated if I should do something with my creativeness. I am a creative person and I love to make stuff for myself. I got a house full of painting and a chest full of handmade jewelry. What if I translated that to a small shop? Selling cute trinkets and stuff,just for fun. But I also love the idea of designing prints and shirt designs. So why not take the small step and get creative?

I always preach that you should do what you want. So why not do it myself?
One word, fear. Fear to fail and fear to disappoint myself. Fear to be mocked and fear to overdo it.
But then again I had fear to start this blog, fear that people while comment "Your horrible, Fail!" And the thing that I fear the most is that people wont read it because my writing is not so good, I am a realist and know my grammar is not that good, but yet my passion was enough to start this blog.  And everyday I get a nice comment or somebody who follows my blog I am glad that I took the plunge.

Why not use the same passion to start working on creative stuff and just try it out?

So tell me dear readers, what is your dream and what do you fear to do?

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