This is actually my first non limited edition catrice lipstick! Normally I run towards the limited editions and ignore the other lipsticks. But recently I saw on tumblr a beautiful amazingly stunning girl with purple lipstick. I made it my quest to get a nice purple lipstick. So Violeta!

All the ultimate shine lipsticks have a beautiful mirror like package with on the bottom a sticker with the number and name. So when I opened the lipstick I was once more impressed with the shape and the stamped brand.

So the package is nice but the most important thing is what is inside and how it looks on the lips. So onto the swatches!

I have to admit it is more pinkish purple then the brighter purple that I wanted. That does not take away how shiny and smooth this lipstick is. It glitters and is a great shade for my skin tone and II think for many others.

So what do you think? Go purple or go home?

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