Catrice got an other lush limited collection on display this time inspired by Hollywood. Sady enough I only felt like gettng one lipstick but when I look back I accually should have bought more. Do you want to see what I bought? Read more for swatches and more information.

What does essence say?
Inspired by legendary film and style icons like Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergmann and Marlene Dietrich, the Limited Edition “Hollywood’s FABULOUS 40ties” by CATRICE whisks you away to the glamorous world of the 1940’s this September and October 2012. This golden era is also celebrating its comeback on the international catwalks with a modern interpretation of the feminine clothing style. As a tribute to independent women, CATRICE combines feminine, warm red shades like rosé, rosewood and cherry red with soft nude, beige and brown tones as well as purple. For a stylish appearance à la Hollywood…

What does this collection have?
Catrice brought out some nice products that are useful for a lot of people. Classic never goes out of style.  There are two quarto eye shadows in this collection both featuring shades of rose and brown. I currently have a lot of eye shadow and am not really a fan of rose tones so I left those. They also have an eyebrow gel and an eyebrow lifter. We all know what eyebrow gel is, I do not use it because I have a lack of eyebrows, I actually had no idea what they meant with a lifter. My mind wandered to some plastic surgery gone wrong but I am looking at the wrong direction with that, the lifter is a light reflective pigment that you can apply beneath your brow bone. This was actually sold out so if I see this in a display I will get it same goes for the multi color blush in this collection, I advice you google it and fall in love with it. Then this collection also has 5  nailpolishes.

Then we got my favorite part the lip products, this collection features a gloss but what I always like are lipsticks. Catrice says:  Pure glamour! The Velvet Lip Colour provides your lips with gorgeous classic colors as well as an extremely expressive and velvety-matt finish. Bright red, strong rosewood, radiant coral or subtle nude – the colors are tone-in-tone with the Hollywood’s FABULOUS 40ties Ultimate Nail Lacquers, as true 40’s beauties emphasize their lips and nails in the same colors!   
To be honest I do not match my nails with my lips but then again I was not born in the 40's. The velvet-matt finish is really something that is missing in my collection and I always wanted a good nude like Kim Kardashian.

The package.
Hey I just saw you and it was crazy, I loved the package so I bought it...maybe. So yes silly songs aside I love the packaging of these collection. It actually reminds me of urban baroque but that can be because they used the same color for the print. While this print is very minimal, I do love it. The floral design is very nice in contrast with the black although I would have preferred to a bit brighter print.

I first have to give props to the lipstick design, it is my favorite shape and I love that Catrice is sticking with the imprint of the name. It makes it look expensive!
When I first swatches it on my hand I noticed that it has a faint smell, it reminds me of perfume so it is very nice. So the nude scene is a lipstick that of coarse as the name tells you a nude shade.  I have to admit that it might not fit everybody but after swatching it on my hand I decided to take a shot because it is a tad more pinkish.

So yes a hand are not lips. So I ofcoarse swatches it on my lips. The lipstick seems a tad thicker then the normal Catrice lipsticks but it applies very easy. The pigmentation is amazing but yes let the swatches speak for itself.

Sorry of the the little bit of skin hanging from my upper lip. I need to take of my lips more expecially with it getting colder. The lipstick looks stunning in all of its matt-velvet glory. I am not sure if it is the shade for my but it is a stunning color and for me the stand out of the collection.

What do you think about this shade and do you own something of the collection?

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