This is actually my first lipstick from Bourjois and I have been lusting after one ever since I saw the beautiful package. It costs 12.50 euro. Read more for swatches.

The first look.
This lipstick is released by a click system, you slide the little metal dot down and there is your lipstick! I think this is perfect for tossing it in your bag. Also the bottom has the color of the lipstick what makes it easy to find in your stash. Also the lavender, I just love that shade. But what is inside counts right?

On the lips.
This was horrible to photograph on the lips, it has a stunning glittery shine. When I first put this on I was not impressed with the smell but that vanishes after a few seconds. The lipstick iteself stays on for a decent time, but not suited for a long day. The lipstick glides on very easy and I have to admit that I love the shape of the lipstick.
The only negative is that the smell is horrible and not what I expect from a lipstick costing 12.50 euro.

So what do you think?

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