So I went to the site of DM and found there new Limited Edition shower gel. With the lush drool-inducing 'flavorscherry-almond and fig-chocolate. But are they really that good as the package implies with the amazing artwork. 

New LE, Gotta love LE
So yes I have to admit that shower gels are not that interesting and there is normally very little to say about this. So I am going to share my tip and my opinion about the smell. So to make things short this shower gel is 300ml for 0.85 euro so it will not break the bank. 

 The package
As I said before I love the design of limited editions from Balea shower gels. The color semi-matches the key  scent and the macrons are a nice idea. You can dose the gel very easy and it is clean in use. I also prefer these packages over tubes because they are hard to really empty. Also a side note they have bodylotion in the same scents but sadly enough I missed those.

The Scent
Both shower gels are true the scent advertised. The scent when you use it is really really really strong and can make you hungry. After getting out of the shower you can smell the same scent but really toned down and soft. So yeah I love it!

Have you seen them and if you tried them what is your favorite?

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