Actually I bought this lip tint before my vacation and I have not yet had time to review it. In Holland these lip tints are going out of the collection so I want to give a heads up to check the discount bins for these because they are worth the look. Read more for the swatches and my opinion.

Hey! Today I am showing you kittens my favorite earrings. Oasap is one of my favorite online stores and when I saw these earrings I fell in love! And they where only 10 dollars so they do not break the back. So read more for the pictures and the link towards these stunning earrings.

I am a big fan of above the knuckle rings. While one day I was digging round my old jewelry boxes I found a few rings that where very old, a year of 20 at least. It is actually a fun story because these are the same rings I wore when I was a little kid. Read more....

So yes a two in one article. I do not only want you to spam your blog but I want to give notice that I also got a lot more social media then my blog. I am always on the lookout for blogs to follow but also interesting people on twitter and tumbler. And not to forget pininterest. So yes today is the day you can shamelessly comment with all your social media while I show off mine going from least favorite to favorite.

Catrice got an other lush limited collection on display this time inspired by Hollywood. Sady enough I only felt like gettng one lipstick but when I look back I accually should have bought more. Do you want to see what I bought? Read more for swatches and more information.

When people make a remark about my teeth is always one of two things. "What do you have adorable tiny teeth!~" and I have to admit my teeth are far to small but the thing that I hear the most is "How do you get your teeth so white?" Now I do not believe my teeth are Hollywood white, but I got a few tips to share how to get whiter teeth.

Most of the art hanging in my little office is made by me but there is one piece that I bought. It is the above painting. I got it from an artist in Germany when I was on vacation. She had a whole collection of painted flowers and I fell in love with with pink roses. Last year when I was on vacation a guy pushes a pink rose in my hands with a smile. I decided that the above painting needed a sister. Read more for the DIY

So my fellow boot lovers as you might have read here  I got a pair of Esprit boots from Zalando. Today I am going to review them and show you some nice action shots. Read more for some nice pictures and detail shots.

My nails, the most easy DIY if you do not have running nailpolish like me. If there are enough people interested [leave a comment] and I might make a step by step tutorial. Read more for more pictures.

This is actually my first lipstick from Bourjois and I have been lusting after one ever since I saw the beautiful package. It costs 12.50 euro. Read more for swatches.

No I am not blogging about a cat collar, this are actually my new cuffs. I got a pair of ebay and decided to snap a few pictures. These only where $4.98 for a pair.  Read more for more kitten pictures...o yes, and of coarse normal pictures of my new cuffs!

This is actually my first non limited edition catrice lipstick! Normally I run towards the limited editions and ignore the other lipsticks. But recently I saw on tumblr a beautiful amazingly stunning girl with purple lipstick. I made it my quest to get a nice purple lipstick. So Violeta!

Summer was amazing, it came and hit hard! But Summer has passed and I am already getting ready for the cold. Last year I was very late with picking out my Snow boots and when the snow came I was left with thin boots. But now these little amazing boots are on there way to me to keep my feet warm thanks to Zalando.  Read more for some nice outfit inspiration and killer items. I actually made four outfits like the image suggests but somehow I got inspiration for a fifth.

So you might have seen my wishlist and the fact that I wanted a nice rose gold coin. On my wishlist where two coins in Rose that I wanted. Now when I came to store I decided to ask the women to pull a few coins for me. While normally I would have gotten a few I now decided I would only buy one coin. There was one coin that I wanted for a long time in silver or gold but in the end....I picked that coin in rose. Read more to see what kind of coin I picked.

So when walking my favorite German drugstore I noticed a large display. And there was Heidi! Not the real one but a displa. Three astor mascara's where looking at me. I decided to get Astor's Big & Beautiful False Lash Look mascara. 

Recently I posted my wishlist from Mi Moneda and followers of my old blog might have seen my pendant already so I decided to show my pendant and every coin I own. The fun thing is from Mi Moneda that you can buy a lot of coins from the brand but also use old coins....

I do not think the Anna Dello Russo collection is that amazing, I am not fond fond of the large "A" hanging from most pieces but there are some items that caught my eye. The big earrings and the large bracelet necklace combination makes me happy. The clutch [minus the A charm] is amazing color wise and the little deer is adorible. But then again nothing makes me more happy then shoes. While some people would wobble and fall with those monsters I would love to wear them. I have no idea at what event I would wear the tight high boots but if all fails I will wear them round the house and when I go grocery shopping.

What is your ADR wishlist?

Give or take what you think about the items she designed for H&M. I think miss Anna has her own style and she rocks it.  I area with her that fashion is about expressing yourself and an expression of your own freedom..  Some pieces of her collection I do not love but others are amazing! 

What do you think about Anna Dello Russo and this song?

Most people who know me, know I have a love for my coin necklace from Mi Moneda. Now browsing Handmadebeads I decided to make a wishlist. I got a silver necklace and I am lusting for a gold pendant to put the coins in but also the lovely colorful coins are also amazing!

I love collaborations but somehow I always miss out on them. By luck I scored some Karl Lagerfeld for Coca-Cola light pieces and a pair of shoes from Versace for H&M. So when I spotted the Jean Paul Gaultier cans I was over the moon. They are perfect for decorations and a start of my collaboration collection. Also I got a nice tip if you read more...

August has gone and September has come and so I decided to show my favorite hair products that I used a lot in August. Read more for the information about the products.

Dream it. Do it has never been my motto. I love to think and debate the best option and to never take a plunge. But recently I have been thinking about taking a shot especially seeing I am sick. Not the dying sick but I am sick. I cant run for a long time because I can not breath, get light headed, nauseous and shaky.  Currently as I am typing this I am waiting for the test results from the hospital.

Walking into the action I found this budget tweezer. It reminded me of tweezerman so I took it with me. It is a decent pair of tweezers.

Can I get a round of applause? My first nude polish! I am not a nude girl, I prefer to go bright and in your face glittery. But I have to admit the lovely name got my interested and before I knew I was paying for this polish....

Yes, I got a shopping addiction. I love shopping online and the mailman knows my name already. Want to see what I got in this pretty black box?

Fossil is one of my favorite brands, stunning packages and amazing jewelry. Sadly enough I do not own a lot of fossil jewels. I got two pieces, one I got a long time ago and a new one that I got a few days ago.

I admit since I got my new camera I have been snapping up pictures. I am still not great but learning. I make a lot of pictures for my blog and those are mostly products. From time to time I like to snap up something that moves. And who is a better subject then my lovely kitten.

The neon trend is going and going, and I decided that my little jewelry collection needed some neon. In my recent wishlist I mentioned how I love Neon and Spikes and somebody with a good eye might have seen that I showed the same bracelet twice. And I got that lovely bracelet from Oasap

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