Some time ago I posted a sneak peak about a DIY. I showed this amazing slide that I got from my grandfather. He was truth to be told an awful person but he was a creative master. I never met the guy but he left me boxes full of creative stuff including mirrors and stained glass. Recently I was digging in the boxes that where left to me and I spotted a box full of slide. Now why should I want to keep them my dad asked me. To my surprise I noticed that all the slides where not of people but of far away places and amazingly old. I decided to make a lightbox. Do read more to read how I made this super easy project.

Now do not be surprised at the easiness of this. It only takes a few steps to get a result that people will love. A few of my friends asked me if I wanted to tell them cause they would die to get there hands on them. Maybe some day? But for now you can make your own. It only takes some slides [that you can get at garage sales if you do not own them] and some glue. And maybe a hint of sugar and spice.

  • Step one is easy, pick the size of the cube and collect as many slides as you need. I advice that you will arrange them in groups an make one side of slides that you adore the most. Also try to get slides that are all horizontal or vertical. This gives the best effect. 
  • Now make four sides and a top. These parts will be first glued on the thin side this gives a very weak bond but after that, mark the inside with a thick layer of glue. [like a cross over the bond] Make sure not to get spots on the slide itself because it will show. TIP: if you can get glass cover slides, do get them.
  • Now you got five big pieces? Let them dry till they are strong. Now I will advice you test how strong they are because they can fall apart if you used to little glue. test them but holding it with two fingers and giving it a firm shake.
  • Are they still in one piece? Then grab two pieces and glue them in the half box shape. Make sure to add an other layer of glue over the place the two parts meet. Do this for all sides and make your way into making a box
  • Last but not least, glue the top on. Again take note what is the best side you want to see. 
  • When you are finished you got a nice box. Now there are a few option you can lay a flat flashlight under it but you can do what I did. Take the top of a lamp and put it on top. [my lamp is from ikea] 
  • Last but not least, I would not advice you put an candle under it. The glue and fire is not a good idea.
  • Have fun! And do give credit if you make them. And perhaps post them in my comments? 

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