My vacation this year was disappointing if I look back on my shopping. I set out for a nice watch and maybe some cute necklaces and bracelets. I even took a long ride to France to shop there but nothing caught my eye. Annoyed one day we left to a market and soon my eye fell on a little booth with all kind of jewelry. I knew I wanted something! I went and picked.....

Jackpot! I hit real pure gold. But I have to admit it is just a bit. To give my jewelry collection a bit more gold I went to buy a pendant. Want to see it?

Browsing Oasap is one of my favorite things to do, they have lovely bags, shoes and clothing. But there is one thing I adore more, the Jewelry! And yes two of my favorite things are Neon and Spikes. Together they make the perfect combination in my eyes. Now I picked out a few of my favorites and they can be found on the Oasap site. What is your favorite piece?

So pencils. Eyeliner, eyeshadow or lipstick they can be used for many things. Now I have to admit when I saw these on buyincoins I wanted these because the package is cute. I had no idea what I wanted to use them for. These beauties are only 4.89 dollar for 12 piece but do they work?

Welcome to wishlist week, just kidding!
Essence got a lot of new stuff, and this is my current wishlist.
This my favorite cute gadget of the moment. I got this little pretty thing from ebay. You might wonder what is it? A hearth of coarse! If want to know what it does and the seller...

Catrice Catrice Catrice polishes, I got a lot but no gold. So when I saw the new polish named Oh my goldness I sprinted toward the nearest drug store. Snatching up the polish I was eager to put it on my nails. Now I have to admit I saw the negative responses from different bloggers about this polish but I decided to try it myself. Read more to see what I think.

Pendant with a ball, Silver watch, Gold spike bracelet, A pair of gold ankle cuffs, Remote voor Canon 1000D and Kitten case for S5360

You want the seller of something? Do ask.

I do love Catrice!
What is on your Catrice wishlist?

I have to note that the picture does not do this justice. In real life and especially in the sun this polish is sparkly like a fake vampire in the sun. It really reminds me of water and the bright blue sea. This is my favorite polish Jade is not my name [click for swatch] with a few layers of essence nail art special effecet topper 10. Glorious Aquarius.

The bodyshop has many cute giftsets. For my birthday I picked this beautyfull packed Love ETC... set. Today I am going to write about the perfume, and as soon as I test the bodywash and lotion I will write about it.

Shaky shaky picture! I have to admit that my nails look horrible but that is beside the point. I am currently wearing this lovely shade and I want to give everybody a heads-up. This shade is leaving and might have already left. I would advice you search the discount bins for this lovely polish cause it covers amazingly. I applied two coats and it is great!

Some time ago I posted a sneak peak about a DIY. I showed this amazing slide that I got from my grandfather. He was truth to be told an awful person but he was a creative master. I never met the guy but he left me boxes full of creative stuff including mirrors and stained glass. Recently I was digging in the boxes that where left to me and I spotted a box full of slide. Now why should I want to keep them my dad asked me. To my surprise I noticed that all the slides where not of people but of far away places and amazingly old. I decided to make a lightbox. Do read more to read how I made this super easy project.

I got myself (The triplets) a canon 1000D
My first ever DSLR camera, nice for a starter like me. I read many positive things about this one so I can't wait to learn how to use it till its full extent.
So I hope this will help me shoot better pictures for the blog.

[1]  [2]  [3]

Kitten headbands and fascinators are really cute and very nice for a day in the town! The wire headbands are very subtle while the fascinator is nice for a party. I would rock these on a normal day to the mall. 

What do you think about the headbands, would you wear them?
Also I can see this as a DIY....

So looking at my freezer I debated if I wanted to eat some ice cream. Nice ice cream with many calories, while this at times stopped me I had a hard time deciding if I wanted it. In the end I picked some yogurt and I at it while I was thinking about my loved ice cream. Then a idea popped into my mind, what if I froze the yogurt?

A small tip for people like me who like to buy 99 little notebooks to make lists and write down to many things. Action currently has very cute little notebooks with an elastic band for 0.89 cent. So almost no money! I picked up two designs..

I got round 30 of these slides and I decided to craft with them. Soon you will see a DIY with these pretty things. But do leave a comment and tell me what you think I made with it?

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