My collection missed a lip pencil, and I picked up one for only 2.95. I do love the fact that I can take this with me in my bag without fearing it would directly melt in the hot summer sun. So I picked up this shiny metallic pink awesome thing in 010 pretty in the city! It is the lightest shade and I picked it up without swathing it so the swatches where a real surprise for me. 

So it is a twist out pencil and I of coarse decided to twist it all out! As you can see it has a decent amount of product.

So this product is without a smell which I prefer. As you can see it has a nice point but within a week it gets flattens down and I prefer it that way. It makes it far more easy to apply.  It is easy to apply.

As you can see it has a lot of glitter and glitz and the shade is a stunning light pink. For me it has to much glitter and sparkly things for daily wear but it is usefull for a nice shimmer to an other color pinkstick. So I am going to use it for layering. But for the review I decided to layer it on my lips without anything ells.

As you can see far to much glitter! But I do like this product and I might try out the other shades to see if they have less glitter. 

What do you think?

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