Am I the only one who falls head over heels for a dress only find out that it doesnt look good on me? Accually most dresses don't look good on me, I always take 10 dresses with me into the changing room and buy none. The sad thing is that I adore dresses and they never look good.  What is the piece of clothing that never looks good on you?

So yes, I can blabber on how horrible I look in dresses but I am sure most readers are thinking "I need some visual aid..." So yes I am ashamed to say that I took pictures that I am going to include.

But before that I want to ask you, what do you want to wear but cant seem to look good in? Tell me in the comments.

What is wrong with the dress you might ask? Body is to tight and the waist is to high also the skirt is very very very short.

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