Essence recently got some perfume and in Holland they are flying of the shelves, lucky person that I am I found the one I really wanted in Germany when shopping. There where no testers but I decided for the price of 2.99 for a small one I can take the bet. read more for more pictures and what I think.

Looking at the notes Essence says:
Top notes: peach and orchid.
Heart: lilac, jasmine and heliotrope. 
Base: vanilla, musk and tonka bean.

Seems like my kind of perfume, I prefer the really sweet smells that some people really hate. Often I hear "You smell so sweet!" but that is beside the point of this blogpost.

About the package, I really love this, the box looks really cute and the perfume looks really clean. I can see myself having 7of these on a row and picking a different one each day.

With cheap perfumes I always expect they will not last long, but these last rather long at the end of  a long day I still smell a bit of it. For me it is really a vanilla musk smell. I love it! it does remind me of a candy shop.

If I had to make a conclusion it would be

  • Cheap
  • Nice smell
  • Good handbag size
  • long lasting
  • Worth the money

After this smell I am intrigued about the others, so you might be seeing those soon.

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