First of a warning, if you buy from ebay there is a large chance that it is a fake BB cream. Check out online guides on how to spot a fake or real BB creme on ebay. I am pretty sure my BB is fake but I do not mind. I first tested a small amount on my hand to see if it was safe, always test it out before applying to your face. Now read more for my review that I promised!

So the SPF25 is why I bought this, also the fact that the package was hot pink was a large deal breaker. I am sucker for shiny cute packages. Now a few points about this BB creme.

The Plus:

  • It had a decent coverage
  • It is light enough for my skin tone
  • It does not give a mask effect
  • One pump is enough for a decent coverage
  • The pump is very hygenic
  • It has a decent size

The Negative:
  • It smells very bad, after a while it vanishes but it stinks when just applied
  • Does not cover every imperfection
  • It is clearly a fake

My conclusion is that is very nice for the cheap price.

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