a I am gone for vacation, 
I will be back in three weeks with a load of updates!

Essence recently got some perfume and in Holland they are flying of the shelves, lucky person that I am I found the one I really wanted in Germany when shopping. There where no testers but I decided for the price of 2.99 for a small one I can take the bet. read more for more pictures and what I think.

I think this shade is perfect for summer, it reminds me of the sea and nice warm weather.  What do you think about this color?

I wrote a while ago about fake tattoos and now I have pictures of the tattoo applied with my opinion about them, I also filmed how to apply them. So read more!

I decided to try something for nailart. I wanted to sponge a nice gradient. The shades I used where P2 230 happy, Catrice Fred said red and 240 Joyfull. Read more for my cute nailart.

No beauty fashion or lifestyle today, just a small animation I made.
I am currently busy with volunteer work for kids with disabilities and I am making them have a kick-ass vacation.

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With over round 100 pairs of shoes, people wonder if I do not have enough. Nope! I still lust for new shoes. These shoes are a tad to high heeled for me, with 175cm tall these would make me a large large women.  What is your favorite pair?

I admit I bought this mascara for the package, Shiny foil pink letters and a squire look. I love it! It was round 3 euro so not really expensive, read more for a review

I just have to share this song, I hated it on eurovision but Katie Sky sings it in an amazing style that makes me love it!
What do you think?

My collection missed a lip pencil, and I picked up one for only 2.95. I do love the fact that I can take this with me in my bag without fearing it would directly melt in the hot summer sun. So I picked up this shiny metallic pink awesome thing in 010 pretty in the city! It is the lightest shade and I picked it up without swathing it so the swatches where a real surprise for me. 

As I wrote here I tried out one box of Kilo Killer, I am a strong believer that I should see result before going on with a product. Now I wrote before that I lost 8CM on my belly area....

I adore my card from ICI Paris XL. I love the fact that the girl has the same haircolor as me.
Today I turned 23, I am going to celebrate so no big blogpost today only this one. I got some new blogposts lined up with my big beauty hauls and birthday gifts.

All I am asking for my birthday, some more followers?
Am I the only one who falls head over heels for a dress only find out that it doesnt look good on me? Accually most dresses don't look good on me, I always take 10 dresses with me into the changing room and buy none. The sad thing is that I adore dresses and they never look good.  What is the piece of clothing that never looks good on you?

I got a feeling that my instagram pictures are improving, yet nobody sees them. I got on my sidebar a button but I also added some more instragram viewers recently. So follow me @DennaMichelle Read more for all the sites! And tell me in the comments what style site you prefer!

Some time ago I posted about some ear cuffs I ordered of Ebay, and they finally came! Jumping around screaming I got wings was the high point of my day before leaving towards school. I paired my golden cuff with a tiny golden stud in the other ear. Read more...

Dear readers, today I got an question for you....what do you prefer Bikini's or Bathing suits? Also what kind do you prefer?

First of a warning, if you buy from ebay there is a large chance that it is a fake BB cream. Check out online guides on how to spot a fake or real BB creme on ebay. I am pretty sure my BB is fake but I do not mind. I first tested a small amount on my hand to see if it was safe, always test it out before applying to your face. Now read more for my review that I promised!

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