Red heels~! They are a first for me, I think I never owned a pair of red pumps. I bought these and fell in love, do read more! I had fun taking pictures...

At the young age of 23 I have very little addictions. All my addictions are healthy but not in my mothers eyes. When I showed her a big box she rolled her eyes and muttered "That better not be shoes.." While I had to admit I bought them in the morning and showed them to her late in the evening, I am of coarse am owner of my own money and free to buy what I want. After the internal self motivation I dropped the boxed on the table and showed of my new little treasure.

Bright red is a color I do not own a lot of and I shiver in horror on deciding how to make an outfit that showcases these pearls without being clownesque. 

These nice little glass slippers have a dazzling 10cm heel which makes me 1.85 cm tall. They walk perfectly and I can run, jump and dance in them.

With leather insole and suede outer these are made of great quality. I bought them at a store that had it's final sale. With 70% off I scored these for 18 euro. Dutch girls can try to find a Tango store that is still open to see if they still have these an other option is trying to find them online. The brand is La Strada if your interested. I never heard of the brand before but they got cute shoes!

Now of coarse these red shoes triggered something, I want more bright colored shoes! I already have my eyes set on a electric blue wedge. What color shoes do you currently want?

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