Today is very personal and I debated if I wanted to write about it. I know a lot of girls have this problem and I want to tell this story. If I am honest I am a very negative person, mostly about myself so today I am going to share my point of view and new way of life.

So as I said I am a negative person about myself, I rather give somebody ells a complement then accept one myself. When somebody complements my body-shape I often respond with "A fatty like me?" if somebody tells me I have amazing hair I answer back without thinking "Bleached to death, I hate it!"  and most recent "You have a blog?" "Yes, But I am nowhere as good as most bloggers, But I love doing it!" I didn't believe my blog would grow or people would like it. Little by little my blog is growing and I get a lot of positive reactions. So with a little positive thinking you can do almost anything.

The things that I currently do is to tell myself what I am happy about. So yes I might not be the prettiest girl on this planet but I got nice skin and pretty teeth. I might not got the most followers on my blog but I met a lot of nice people who make me enjoy blogging.

And I can eat noodles with chopsticks, So I got talent! Hehe..

So tell me are you a positive person? and what are you thankful for? 

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