So I was browsing the Oasap site and fell for a nice gold necklace. It is classy yet playfull and fits almost every outfit. It has a beautiful floral design and embroidered look. Read more for more detail shots and how I rocked it.

This necklace costs 13 dollar and is an amazing price for an statement piece, and you can get it here. It is good quality and an old-school gold look. What I love about it is the fact that it is in a few pieces so it is not a big hard thing hanging round your neck, it are a few pieces that make it hang round my neck nicely. But enough blabbering onto the pictures!

And my favorite way to wear it, with a white blouse.

As said before, you can get it for 13 dollars [free shipping] here.
Also if you sign up now you can get a 20% coupon.

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