Diet pills and wonder potions, I normally don't believe in it. If you want it you should work for it! Yet I came across Kilo-Killer, the flat belly edition. Now I got a decent body yet a little to much belly flab. So what could it hurt? Today I am going to share my first opinion about the product and soon more blogposts will follow.
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Killo killer promisses that it will be your allies in the battle against belly fat caused by bad digestion. It has Oat Fibers, papaya and lactic acid bacteria. Now that is all great and dandy but it says little to me. If you google you will find a lot of positive things the most prominent is that you will loose inches. So I measured myself up and checked my weight. Now I am not going to share it because that is beside the point. After 12 days I will check my measurements again and see how much I lost.

Now as I said before Kilo-Killer are pills that you need to take twice a day. three after lunch and two after dinner. You got 60 pills so enough for 12 days. I payed 14 euro's for them what I think is a decent price if they work.

Now my first impression, the box and pills look professional. I despise the fact that most brands put there pills in a plastic bottle, no way to count them and it looks cheap. It has a tiny leaflet that only says how many you need to take a day, the rest of the info is on the box. Now the pills itself are normal sized and easy to swallow. They don't leave a nasty taste and don't smell. One thing that currently irks me is that you have to take them after you ate, so the nice taste of the food is washed away by the water

During the whole day I was not hungry, while I normally I would have grabbed some snacks I now didn't feel the need to. But is it the pills or the mindset that I am full? I cant say after one day but maybe after 12 I got something different to say. Now during the evening I went to take my measurements, I was slightly shocked and I was not sure how it happend so I decided to measure again the next day. Currently I lost 5cm at the breast area and  8cm on my belly. I am not sure if it is because I measured first after eating and then at night/morning still it is a lot of centimeters less. 

Keep in mind my younger readers, pills are never the answer and I do not promote unhealthy living. The package says not to take under 18 years and I want to add, don't take them if you don't need them.
I eat healthy 6 times a week and play sports three times a week. I have an active lifestyle and a lot of energy.

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