Vroom vroom! I am a firetruck! I recently got myself some bright red dipdye, actually it was meant to be pink or light red but it turned bright red. Read more for how I did it.

So how did I do it? As you can see I used foil in the first picture, I applied a nice amount of dye and wrapped it up. I first made two pony tails and wrapped the elastics till where I wanted the dye to hit. Now the second one is my new and fresh painted locks, and the third is my hair in a ponytail what is nice accent.

The last one is a tad lighter seeing I washed it, the dye inst really as waterproof as I wanted. I must say I do like the light accent but I miss my fire truck color.

Also curling/waving it looks cute.

So got the dip dye craze! What could should I do next?

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