My new cute scarf. I love the peach, teal and bright pink together! And that for a few euro' the action [for the dutch people] Read more for more pictures.

Vroom vroom! I am a firetruck! I recently got myself some bright red dipdye, actually it was meant to be pink or light red but it turned bright red. Read more for how I did it.

I am not an amazing artist or even close, but I love to draw. So I decided to draw myself and to try to get back into drawing. I haven't put pen to tablet in a long time because I hated how I draw.
So I drew myself, but a little more pretty. Also after the cut an other chibi!

Diet pills and wonder potions, I normally don't believe in it. If you want it you should work for it! Yet I came across Kilo-Killer, the flat belly edition. Now I got a decent body yet a little to much belly flab. So what could it hurt? Today I am going to share my first opinion about the product and soon more blogposts will follow.
Read more for my opinion

So it was two years since I last got myself some new glasses and I decided to get myself a pair of nice Missoni glasses. Now I have to admit I didn't know the brand but they got amazing glasses. I went to specsavers and bought these for the decent price of 169 euro. What makes them my most expensive glasses up to date.

From Ebay, gold and silver! Want the seller just ask me.
Also are people interested in in a review and some pictures when I receive them?

Red heels~! They are a first for me, I think I never owned a pair of red pumps. I bought these and fell in love, do read more! I had fun taking pictures...

There where amazing clouds in the sky, so I decided so snap up some shots. I loved how bright my pictures came out and I decided to not Photoshop them like I normally do. Strange thing is that my first picture was messed up and strange. Now idea how it came maybe I didn't let it focus, but the effect was awesome. Read more for two more.

While browsing the world wide web I found a site called fake tattoos. Now I am not fond of people wearing fake tattoos and claiming they are real but at times I do like the look of a fake tattoo, for picture or vacation fun. Now browsing the site I found three pieces that I really loved. For years I am debating for a pair of wings and still have not decided where I wanted them.

Now Fake Tattoos is going to send me some of there products and I will review them soon. But before I do I want to hear your opinion about fake tattoos! Love them or Hate them?

If you want to know the seller, just ask in the comments.

When I receive items I shall post reviews.

Ombre lips are currently trending and really easy to make! Read more for my take on the look and how I did it!

So I was browsing the Oasap site and fell for a nice gold necklace. It is classy yet playfull and fits almost every outfit. It has a beautiful floral design and embroidered look. Read more for more detail shots and how I rocked it.

As a kid I loved red lipstick and as I grew older I grew out of it and went towards pinks. Now I admit when I picked up Call the ambulance I had the impression it was a bright pink because the store had horrible lightning. It turned out red and I love it. Read more for swatches

You might think "What the F, is that ugely stuff you posted!" it might not look pretty but it tastes amazing. And is semi healthy! Read more for what it is and how you can make it.

I love catrice and I am slowly building my own little collection of nailpolishes that would put a rainbow to shame. Now I am a bold person, Green, blue & bright pink nailpolish. But red? That is a color my mom wears, I never tough I would buy a shade of red. But I did, and loved it! read more for swatches

Today is very personal and I debated if I wanted to write about it. I know a lot of girls have this problem and I want to tell this story. If I am honest I am a very negative person, mostly about myself so today I am going to share my point of view and new way of life.

This is my perfect bucket list,  I don't want a lot of things and I decided the things that I really really want to do some day. Especially the dip dye is high on my list. Pastel and white hair would be amazing.

What is on your bucket list?

People always ask what I use to keep my hair healthy after bleaching it so many times. I prefer Gliss kur hair repair sprays. In combination with hairmasks and good shampoo/conditioner they keep my hair healthy.

Just a small tip of the day!

All my life I always lacked eyebrows and whenever using eyebrow pencil or powder I looked strange and funny. I have almost no eyebrow hairs and envy girls with nice full bushy eyebrows.  So I decided to give it all one last try and picked the eyebrowset from Catrice. Two colours that didnt look to dark, a mirror, a brush and a pair of tiny tweezers.

So I got a load of tiny thin rings bought from H&M. Most fit and some don't. So I decided instead of trowing them away, I was going to wear then like knuckle rings. After sorting then in sizes I picked a few that would work. Love it or Hate it? I think they might make my fingers a tad fat. Read more for a different variation.

My [old] everyday look. A quick winged liner and white in colors. You cant see on this picture but I got brown on the outside. Currently I am rocking a less thick eyeliner but I might switch back to fat soon/

The bigger the better! I love wide statement bracelets, today I going to show the bracelet I bought on a market. These bracelets also come very cheap on ebay.

I didn't have time yet to take pictures of my new favorite shoes! And before I knew it the sun started to shine and these pretty booties where send to winter shoe heaven. But because I love them so much I wanted to show them off. And I would love to hear your opinion about them!

Recently I discovered Oasap and found a lot of lovely stuff. I could have picked a few 100 items but I decided with my top 'romantic' seven. It is all I need this vacation! What is your favorite piece?

[1 & 2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]

I admit I want a load of things that I just think are damn pretty! Actually I need a new bag so one of the Zara bag's are high on my wishlist. Especially the beige on is damn fine! Also the House of Harlow necklace was on my wishlist but shipping is a tad to high for me. 

Click the number for the prices and the place to buy them from.

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