Today I wanted to tell a few small stories about my favorite pieces of jewelry. These are stored on a glass display and are worn at least three times a week and some everyday. read more for everything.

Yes I know I got a jewelry problem. this isn't even 10% of what I own.
Lets start with the watches, I currently got three watches that I love to wear.  The blue teal one I once bought in a sale for a few euro's, it didn't work but I fixed it. This watch I love to wear with a boring black outfit to spice things up. The white watch was a gift from my grannie for birthday when I turned 22, almost a year ago. The watch is rather heavy and is amazing in quality, this is my go to watch for the summer. The white really puts my in a summer mood. Often I pair this beauty with a lot of colorful bracelets. Now lastly the big one, people with good eyes already notice that it is missing one little stone. This watch I bought for myself when I turned 20. I got it in Italy and reminds me of an amazing vacation. it is big and almost falls from my wrist. I wear this almost everyday.

There is only one necklace in this mix, I currently only wear my Mi Moneda. It is an interchangeable coin necklace. Currently I am rocking my gold coin with anchor but I also swap my purple faceted coin, the pendant is currently hanging from a 90cm chain but I am shopping for 80cm.

Earring wise there are four gold ones hidden under my watch and those pictured above. They are my cheap ebay earrings that I wear in my second lobe hole [sounds dirty?] They are also pictured here. Futher I have my hearthdrop earrings that my grannie bought for my 18th birthday [I see a birthday pattern] Furthermore I have some fake double C earrings somewhere. I also got a pair of fossile cross earrings that I love to wear but they are currently hidding somewhere.

Bracelet wise I am currently loving this big wide stretch bracelet that I am going to show of in a later blogpost.

Last but not least we have rings! I love love love rings. Where to start. On the left we have two rings my current favorites. My rose gold DKNY ring you have already seen on my blog here.  And ontop of it we have my Jacques le Mans ring set with [I tried to count] 120 swarovski clear stones. This is my everyday ring. I bought it a few years back for 50 euro when it was marked down 80%. I got this in Austria on vacation.  On top I have my two statement rings, The big one with purple stones and the other one ahs a black stone both where gifts from somebody my mother knows. And last but not least my "This to Shall Pass" ring from

So what are your most worn pieces?

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