A sort of sneak peak into my life. I recently got instagram for Android and I love it! While I am getting used to snapping pictures I already got a few.  Read more for a sneak peak into my [photographic] life.

My Primairy life source has to be ramen/noodles. I love them! In the background my keyboard and tablet sneaked in. props to whoever can guess what tablet I have!

Yes I admit I have a kitten problem. I love snapping pictures of her rolling around and playing in the sun.

I used to love to draw, I drew everything and all the time. For a few months I stopped drawing. No time, to much stress. But I decided to pick up a pencil for a quick sketch.

While I was on my way home I spotted two ducks in the fountain, of coarse a moment I had to capture.

What is your favorite? 

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