Yes I made those myself! I always wanted to say that.  Read more to see how what and some nice pictures.

Now I wanted to do something myself and ordered some supplies from ebay. 100 earring studs for a dollar, 30 roses for 1.50 and 200 backings for less then a dollar. It is dirty cheap and fun to do.As said you only need three parts for these cute earrings. You can make almost everything on earrings and go as wild as you want to! You just need to glue those flowers to your backs and you done.

I made more then I need and they are perfect for summer! But not only floral is an option. I looked around the house for stuff I had lying around and saw some mirror pieces. Keep in mind that you don't use sharp ones because you can cut yourself. I filed mine down. I made two pair, big and small.

Also I took some pictures of them worn. What is your favorite?

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