My new favorite combination! Dirty Berry also has some shimmer but paired with this topcoat it is lush! read more for more swatches.

Today I wanted to tell a few small stories about my favorite pieces of jewelry. These are stored on a glass display and are worn at least three times a week and some everyday. read more for everything.

There are several things that I love about the Kim K. look. Now while I would kill for the hair I am sticking with my white locks, yet the up-do [with thin headband] in the first picture or the slight waves are perfect for this summer. 
Also it might be to warm to wear a jacket but the color is perfect for this summer, the peach/orange and teal are trending at the moment and the nude tones never go out fashion in my eyes. 
For jewelry you cant go wrong with simple, some cute earrings and a long necklace. I adore the Belle Noel locket she is wearing in the first picture, but I am sticking with my coin necklace. I do love the fact she layered two necklaces so I am defiantly trying that this summer. 

Also my second insperation is Miss Nicole Richie!

I wrote some time ago about the Swarovski earrings I bought from ebay. Here I showed the images from the seller. Today I snapped some pictures of my new earrings and the cute, adorable and amazing boxes it came in.    I showed in my last article three colors but one pair I gave away to my mother. But they the exact same as the pink pair I am going to show.

So lately I had been debating on a new lay-out. I wanted something simple and something not pink. Now don't misunderstand me but I still adore pink. I just needed a fresh pop of colour. Or I might change it back to pink...I am still working on it

I would love to hear what "you!" the reader things of my new layout. is there something you hate. Something you are missing or just think it is plain horrible. Please tell me!

Tiny Earrings, I loose them a lot.. I toss them on the table and somehow they vanish. I was searching high and low for a decent earring holder but most just cost a lot, took up a lot of space or where not pretty. Now this wonder holds 36 pair of earrings and was only 1 dollar and 65 cent. Read more to see where I got it

I love finding inspiration from runway shows and I have admit I adore Versace.  Now I would wear the four above outfits on a daily bases if my body shape would allow it. The bright yellow dress is amazing for summer and I have to admit I am currently going to a bit of yellow fase. the gold jacket works with the dress but would also look amazing with a shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.  The dress I have to admit is not something I would wear to school but is great for a party, the shape and lace combination is amazing! but also the colour looks great. The last look also shares that amazing lavender colour and I would give away one of my kittens for these boots. They actually look great for a DIY if I ever find lace in that colour. Also how amazing is that jacket! Te shape with the romantic lace makes it my favorite!

What is your favorite outfit?

I have to admit one day I want to own watches in all possible colours so I can match them with all my outfits. While browsing the Triwa site I fell in love with five watches. Ranging from 215 euro till 139 euro these are my favorites.

Do you own a Triwa watch?

While browsing ebay I got sight of these cute earrings and they where to cute not to share! Granted I didn't receive them yet I wanted to give the tip where to get these. They are 4mm in size so perfect if you have a second ear hole in your lobe like me or if you want non flashy earrings for a day. I payed two dollar a piece for these so they are dirty cheap. I am not sure if I am going to keep the blue ones. I ordered these from two different sellers. Chinatown2012 and Hexinecmall they are currently still selling these and so are other sellers. So get them while they still are cheap because I predict them going up in price.

What is your favorite colour?

I already showed of my Colourbomb lipstick here and I love my lipstick. I still wear it atleast 4 times a week. Now the Revoltaire collection has been some time available but when I passed it for the tenth time on a day I had to get this polish! Read more for swatches.

Yes I made those myself! I always wanted to say that.  Read more to see how what and some nice pictures.

I have to admit, I adore purple. Now when I saw this shiny purple polish I had to buy it!
Read more for swatches

I got a pair of thick black glasses but I am lusting after a new pair. Now I decided if I wanted new glasses I would want a brand named one. Now I am not talking about Chanel or RayBan [So far out of my budget] but more in the lines of Tommy Hilfinger and Spijkers en Spijkers. With a decent price of 169 euro these fall right into my budget. Currently my favorite glasses store has a buy one get one free, if you buy glasses worth more then 99 euro. The top pair is a YES! the two bellow that a maybe. Now tell me fashion forward dolls, what is your favorite pair? 

Lord of the Rings has nothing on me! I keep buying rings and loving it. The thing is that I just cant stop myself. While on vacation I was browsing around for a bracelet when my eye fell on a ring. I had to have it! As you can see on the box it is from Donna Karan New York [DKNY] read more for the pictures.

  • The Good:        Tribal inspired with amazing colors.
  • The Bad[ass]:  A nice wing cuff, I would rock this everyday if it came in gold.
  • The Ugly:         May mountain hook earrings never come into style.

I still love you Asos, even when you slipped up with those blue monster earrings.

A sort of sneak peak into my life. I recently got instagram for Android and I love it! While I am getting used to snapping pictures I already got a few.  Read more for a sneak peak into my [photographic] life.

I adore this bright blue glossy color. What do you think?

Recently I got 200 10mm studs in the mail. I am debating on what to do with them so I browsed Do tell me if you had 200 studs what would you stud?

Because I was on vacation I missed QueensDay, here in the Netherlands there are all kind of events and people dress in Orange or the occasion Red,White and Blue. Now I did decided to make an eye-look for the occasion. I made a toned down one and a more extreme one. Today the toned down and tomorrow I will show you my orange eyebrows. I must say I lack a good orange eye shadow that doesn't lean towards red. What do you think?

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