Once a week I would like to write about all the highlights and WTF moments that happens last week. It
could be about anything seeing I see a lot of strange things in my life and I got a lot to share.
This week make-up buyers: The misinformed and the strange

While this week my highlight was skipping towards the store because all make-up was 50% off. I knew what I wanted and I knew where to get it. I grabbed a basket and rushed towards the Catrice and Essence selves. I was so happy that there where still many products left and I debated what to buy when two girls walked towards the shelves. I was still debating and caught there conversation, well one was talking and the other was opening nail polishes and swatching them. Now I don't mind people trying one color they might want to buy but she was went from left to right till all her nails had a different color while she mentioned "I actually don't want to buy nail polish. I have loads already" but she just needed a 'free' manicure. Totally normal right? I wonder if she also samples the fries at burger king when she is not hungry...

I raised an eyebrow at her while rolling my eyes but she didn't notice because her friend was holding a pencil eyeliner and was asking her advice if she should buy it. The 'swatcher' then grabbed the pencil and had a closer inspection and started to share her knowledge that would put an beauty blogger to shame. She also had a source for her knowledge because her little sister once owned the same pencil. Now I am by no means a beauty blogger or expert so I felt no need to correct her. She lectured her friend that it was a pencil only for the bottom of the lower lash line and that she needed a different one if she wanted to use it on her upper eyelid but 'strangely' enough they didn't had such pencil in the store. But she would ask her younger sister where she had bought her 'special' pencil.

Now the other girl also needed a new foundation. Her friend actually picked the same one as I had in my little basket claiming that it was amazing! she went on and on how much foundation you need to put on "Because your face isn't that great you need a very thick layer.." and of coarse gave the brilliant advice "You need to pick at least two shades darker then your skin tone"

With a big smile I left to pay for my products and skipped home.
Just stick around for five minutes next to the make-up in a store and you will hear the strangest things.
What is the strangest thing you over heard?

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