Do they look horrible? Yes they do, they scream cheap and that was also my first tough when I saw these in the store. I walked passed them at least 10 times before buying them. Because 0.89 euro cent made them mad expensive! I actually heard some good things about this lipstick so I tested them and swatches them. 

I already mentioned how much I hate the look of this lipstick. But on a brighter note, I do love the shape of the lipstick.

The left one is called Silky Nude and on the right we have Peach. There where also other colors but I didn't love those. Bright orange is not my forte! 

While swatch-ing them I noticed how creamy they where and how easy they did slide over my arm. I was already a little fan of these lipsticks. The creaminess was also something I noticed when wearing these colors on my lips, they didn't feel cheap while I did expect it. 

What I like about peach is that it looks very natural, it feels nice on the lips and gives a glossy look. Very great to wear with an extreme eye-look.

\Hello Nude! I was looking for a nice nude colour like Kim Kardashian seems to rock from time to time. I think this is the perfect nude colour for me! It is very pale and pretty.

So what do you think about these budget lipsticks? 

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