I won these amazing single eye shadows, I normally don't buy sandy natural colors or such dark colours but I was sure happy to try them out and somehow one  found a way into my everyday stash. Read more for more pictures and swatches.

Now I have to admit I never get single eyeshadows, I normally buy a nice sized pallet but I can see the charm of these nice eye shadows. They are a decent size and have a cute package. I also love the fact that they come in a cardboard box in matching colour as the eye shadow. It makes it far more easy to rush and get the right colour.

I have to admit I used them before taking these picture so that explains the eyeshadow on the side of the sand one. The swatches below where made with one brush and without eyeshadow base. They might not look at amazing but soon I will upload an eye look where I used these two. Blue on top and below it Sand.

Tell me, how many single eyeshadows do you own?

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