See you soon Dolls!
Btw I love my make-up bag ;D

I love bangles, they really give out a summer feel. I adore the Sal Y Limon bracelets but the Asos ones also are very nice. What are your favorite?

I used the two eye shadows I showed yesterday. What do you think?

I won these amazing single eye shadows, I normally don't buy sandy natural colors or such dark colours but I was sure happy to try them out and somehow one  found a way into my everyday stash. Read more for more pictures and swatches.

Do they look horrible? Yes they do, they scream cheap and that was also my first tough when I saw these in the store. I walked passed them at least 10 times before buying them. Because 0.89 euro cent made them mad expensive! I actually heard some good things about this lipstick so I tested them and swatches them. 


Once a week I would like to write about all the highlights and WTF moments that happens last week. It
could be about anything seeing I see a lot of strange things in my life and I got a lot to share.
This week make-up buyers: The misinformed and the strange

For the non Dutch people the box says "All the luck in the world" when buying for 25 euro in a local drugstore you get a free bracelet. It actually looks a bit like the Thomas Sabo bracelet I have been lusting after.

I normally don't like to buy nude or old pink nail polish but I won this polish. I was actually not really impressed till I swatch-ed it on my nails. Hello new favorite colour!

I must say I love my [semi-tacky] bling. My Grannie has some expensive rings but doesn't wear them often. What she doesn't wear she often gives to me. The right one is a tiny band with clear stones that she gave me a few months ago and the center one is my Jacques LeMan that I wear nonstop. Now new to the family is my blue stoned ring. I call it my new wedding ring [even when I don't have a guy in my life 8D]
Also can you guess what I used as background for these pictures?

Let me start with the fact that I do not use blush, ever! But I decided why not? So I just snatched up this blush sorbet. I used a few times already and there are some high and low points.

Today I am going to share my favorite hair mask with you. This jar full of yellow wonder really works wonders for my hair. I am known for bleaching my hair and so I need to really take care of my hair so it doesn't break. This is one of the few hair masks that leave my hair soft, easy to manage and sweet smelling.

Altought I have admit that Elvive from L'oreal isn't that cheap. But with 300ML you can get your moneys worth. I payed round 8 euro for this jar.

Do tell me what is your favorite hair-care product?

Like my style? And what is your favorite?

It has Nicole Richie so what not to love.
I actually like they way they set up this show, read more to see what it is about!

So I wanted to show of my new scarf, Pastel and Aztec are something that I am currently in love with. What do you think about this springtime scarf? I am only debating to cut of the pom-poms. I also have no idea how I want to pair it yet so suggestions are loved.

Happy Easter you all! Do not eat to many eggs.

Currently I am washing my hair with this shampoo from Schauma. I have to admit that I am not a fan of the smell yet it leaves my hair silky soft and shiny. 

And they bought me a raspberry plant! I love my strawberry plants and I hope this raspberry plant also gives me as much fruits as my strawberry plants. The weather was very nice today, So I went and took some new pictures of the new plants. What plant/picture is your favorite?

When window shopping I love walking passed jewelers, the shiny trinkets are really something I cant get enough of. Now I normally just stick to the big jewelers but I decided to walk pass a tiny store with an old jeweler. I normally got two pair of earrings in one ear, in the top one I always have some kind of stud. But lately I was sick of my studs and I wanted something shiny and new. I ended up with those shiny stones set in a heart shape. It is gold plated silver and only cost me 5 euro  seeing the store was having a final sale.

Catrice has a new limited edition. While this is currently not in stores at Holland I needed this lipstick! So I drove to Germany to pick up this amazing lipstick! What is so lovely about this one? It hate a matte finish and is a lovely shade. Also have you seen the amazing design Read more for swatches and more...

I assume at times we all have the urge to play with make-up. Just to create something cute or funny and most important something you wouldn't wear outside. Now I was browsing curvacious she is currently holding a small contest where you need to send in a lip-look inspired by spring. As you might have guessed, this is my entry. It was the first time that a 'strange' color was on my lips and I found it fun to create a semi-ombre effect.  What do you think?

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