As 2012 goes 2013 comes, like tradition everybody makes resolutions. Mostly losing weight or spending less money. Most of the resolutions get broken after a month or two because they are to hard or because people are bored with them. So I am not going to make my resolution "I want to loose weight" because I know I am going to loose weight. But there are a few things that I am not certain about yet but what I love to accieve. So I proudly present you my 2013 resolutions. Of coarse I want to hear in the comments some resolutions from my lovely readers

Last SundayQ has some really nice responses [sadly enough with the new comment system the old ones are only readable to me] so today a new question! What is your beauty need to wear product, what is the first thing you pack into your beauty case when you are leaving. Or what is something you love to wear or play around with?

Today I am going to tell you about a concept I have no heard about myself. It is called a jewelry bag and I hear you thinking "She might live under a rock if she never heard of a jewelry bag" I might have.....
So today I am going to share my lovely little treasure.

Let me start with article with stating the fact that I do not like lip gloss but prefer lipstick. But because I adore the package and color of these Watershine glosses I tossed them in my basket to try them out. Also the fact that Maybelline was 50% off helped a bit. Read more for swatches, pictures and of coarse the review.

One of my goals for 2013 is to learn not to look awkward on pictures and share more outfits. But why start on 2013 when I can start now? Today I am sharing my Christmas outfit. On my to do list is getting a better background to take pictures in front of and posing. So got any hints, please share them. More pictures, my make-up and an animation after the cut.

This Christmas I matched my nails with my favorite top. I decided to 'festive' it up by adding flakies. The polish is Catrice the devil wears red and the flakies are from essence. Read more to check out more shots and what jewelry I wore with it.

I want to wish all my followers, readers and people who just visited today Happy Holidays  may all your wishes come true. For the above card I took some pictures of my three and made it into a card for you all. Currently I am working hard on the next posts and taking pictures of my new stuff. You can expect a Christmas gift related article but after the cut I included some snapshots of the gifts I received.

While I am normally not fond of people spamming there blog in my comments I do love the fact that some of my readers are bloggers. I love finding new blogs to read, so today spam your blog in the comments. It might be fun if you tell a little bit about your blog and you might gain a few new followers.

Also for the people who would like to help me out, what do you love/hate about my blog?

I admit that I am a fan of trying new dye and when I saw the hairdye by L'oreal called Extreme Platinum with anti-yellow and high gloss elixir I was sold. Although it was partly because of the beautiful model, she sells it for me. So do read more for 'shocking' before pictures and of coarse the result.

Food, todays subject is very simple and that is food. Being fit and healthy is all about food and today I am going to tell you something about my vision about food and my motto, Your body is not a trashcan. I admit this is going to be a tad text heavy, but I got inspired. So read more about my vision and my story. Semi-personal en Semi-Fit
Note; This article was planned for yesterday, but I last minute decided to switch these two up.

Vandaag heel wat anders, ik heb getwijfeld of ik dit wel of niet zou doen op mijn blog gezien ik ook veel lezers heb buiten Nederland. Maar ik heb toch besloten om dit bericht in het Nederlands te doen, want ja ik vind dit belangrijk!
3FM lets hear it for the babies. Het Glazen huis. Ik denk dat iedereen er al van heeft gehoord of anders moet je al onder 3 stenen leven, zelfs mijn oma vind het geweldig. Alhoewel het fenomeen glazenhuis niet bekend voor haar is.

Nu wil ik even kort aandacht vragen aan jullie om te vertellen wat jullie kunnen doen om te helpen. Ik weet dat veel mensen achter hun computer zitten en denken "Wat kan ik doen" of "Ik maak niet het verschil" ik vind dat iedereen een verschil kan maken. Iedere donatie groot of klein kan helpen. Even kort een overzicht van wat jullie kunnen doen:

Lever je oude telefoon in
Vraag een plaat aan
Koop iets in de webshop
Bied op de veiling
En nog veel meer!

Dus ook al is het een kleine donatie, iedere donatie telt!

Today I am going to share my Christmas desert. It is quick and easy and leaves room for variation. Warm fruit with icecream. A semi-healthy desert.

Today a nice story about a girl who is addicted to ebay and why. I know I post a lot of stuff I buy on ebay but today I am going to share my process and why I buy to much.

It been a while since I last had a news flash sadly enough I am not a really big blogger yet. So I do not get so many press images and information, but I am working on it. I already mailed a few amazing brands so who knows. But if you have a webshop/brand do send me a mail and check out my press package on the contact page.
But no fear I did find some lovely gems to show you today, with a lot of discount. So read more!
We have H&M, Chanel, Teeez, Etat Pur, Douglas and an amazing Tumblr

So after part one, we still have a batch of nailpolishes to go. So read more to check them out. And as I said before do you want swatches, information or something ells do ask in the comments. Also these are the polishes that I use more and are not really that old.

I recently came across a very adorable picture of my cat and I decided to Photoshop some more color in her eyes. Her eyes where a toned down yellow color so I decided to brighten it with a mix of yellows/golds and a tad of orange. That brought me to think about my pictures, most of my pictures recieve a little bit of photoshop before landing on my blog. Most of the times I change the colors so they are more true to color and at times I Photoshop scars and little perfections awya. So that brings to me to a the sunday question of this week.

Do you Photoshop your pictures?

People who read my blog might have noticed that I said I wanted to reach 100 nail polishes before the year ends. Now I still got some time but I decided to count my polishes so I know how many my stash still needs. In the end I have 94 nail polishes so only six more to go. I decided to take some pictures of all my bottles. But because I ended up with a lot of pictures I decided to make a few articles with it. We are going from unloved to loved.

As you might have noticed, the blog layout changed a bit. I was personally not happy with my banner because it did not fit smaller screens and it was to busy in my eyes. So I changed some things, made it lighter on some points and swapped some things. Do tell me what you think. Also after the cut we have a animation that shows how it changed
Christmas and new year is a time for dresses in my eyes. So I was browsing on Tumblr and I found a lot of beautyfull dresses. So read more for them.

So in my little office space at home I have a big mirror and a self made vanity table. I am going to show you all a few things that I have on my table that is not make-up. If you want to see my beauty or nailpolish stash do leave a comment.

So recently I have been experimenting with some semi-nail art. I wanted to create a snow effect on my nails inspired by this month. Click read more for more pictures and to see how I made this.

Today not a blogpost about beauty or fashion. After a few bad days I just wanted to post an inspiration post with a few images that make me smile and hopefully also make you smile.

While browsing I came across this amazing December tag. Now I admit that I am not a writer but I tried to fill it as best as I could. Do read and tell me what you think.

So for Christmas I decided that I wanted a nice hair clip something cute and sparkly  So I turned towards my favorite buying site: Ebay! For 1.35 dollar I decided to take a random hair clip in the hope of getting a nice color.

At times you feel like getting a whole new outfit. To wear something new from head to toe. So I decided to pick a few items that I would love together and what I would love to wear in real life. H&M currently has some beautiful pieces in the current, so read more for the lovely items I picked.

Today I am going to show you some pictures of the last few weeks and exciting things in my life.

Let me start with the fact that Van Haren or Deichmann currently has a 50% sale. They are all over the world so check out if they also have a store in your country because this is the time to be jolly and snap up a pair of nice shoes for a cheap price.

So today I received something really nice in my mailbox, there is going to be a new box for you lovely dutch girls. Beauty boxes have been trending for a while now but this one has a twist...

You might have noticed that I didn't post yesterday, I was sick and sadly enough didn't have a post ready to put online. Fun fact that is as I am writing this I am looking outside at the first snow of the year! But that is not what this is about, the strange title might not give a clue but the picture might. Yes I am talking about hair cuffs today.

When I am bored I draw and I paint. And at times I like to pull out my tablet and just draw whatever comes to mind.and paint digitally. Recently I am in love with the idea of pink purple hair so I drew that. I am debating to post more of my drawings on this blog, what do you think?

My two favorite beauty products are lipstick and nail polish  I almost always wear lipstick and nail polish  it is just something that I need to do or ells I feel naked. Lately started to wear a more nude eyeshadow and I decided I needed a lot of color with that, yes I needed a bright pink lipstick. So of coarse I went to Catrice and I found Pinker-Bell

Today I have one collage for you. I was browsing on Tumblr and I love how many beautiful make-up looks there are on Tumblr, I think we can take a lot of insperation from images and these are the top images that stand out to me. I adore the upper left look for day wear and the more darker looks for a party. So tell me what is your favorite make-up look?

So browsing The time for watching website I fell in love with some pieces. Accually that is a lie, I fell in love with a lot of things. Now I wear gold, silver and bronze jewelry so I decided to make 3 sets that would be pretty awesome to own. Tell me what is your favorite?

Today I am going to show you my go to look. Whenever I need to go somewhere and I have very little time I just do my routine and run for the hills. Some people might think this is a bit extreme for a daily look but this is how I prefer it. It is easy to do and little room to mess up....

I admit I hate the cold, I hate snow and I have freezing hands. Now when it starts cooling down I wear finger less gloves and when it starts to snow I switch to leather gloves. But last year I lost my finger less gloves so it was time for a new pair, but I do not like the simple kind.

We all have our weaknesses things that make our beautyheart beat faster then intended. It can be products with amazing patterns or things are are unique in its kind, like a double sided lipstick....

Everybody knows that ebay shipping is not fast especially when the seller is from china, hong kong or somewhere ells that is far from your own country. I admit that I am a little of a gift freak and I always buy everything far in advanced, so I had to order from ebay at least a month in advance. I was not sure these where going to come in before or after Christmas but I am going to show these today so you still have time to order them as gift...or for yourself.

So today I am going to tell you all about the 30 day shred. If you are like me sitting at home wanting to work out, when I want and how I want, Jillian can give you a nice challenge with the 30 day shred..

So I admit that I am very attracted to everything that has studs. So when I was browsing ebay I found this they had silver and bronze, now I dislike bronze so I went for silver...
Also a warning, this post is a tad picture heavy...

Sometime ago I wrote about Asos there sale page and my two favorite items here featuring the Pieces Flica stone ring that people could read about here. I must say that the ring was my favorite piece of the order but I also love the necklace I ordered. I mean we all know that Love Rocks 

I have to admit I was so pissed that I missed Big City Life the first time. I loved the nail polish bottles but didn't buy any. When 2.0 came out I need to get myself one of those pretty bottles. One shade really spoke to me and that was Shanghai.

Today we have some news about Mi Moneda, Asos, C&A,Chanel and Catrice.
A lot about Mi Moneda is here, so take a look!

Currently short ankle boots are trending, while I am more a tall boots girl I have to admit that I found a few pair of shoes that need to come home with me. I admit I have a weakness for special shoes and studs...

So when my sister asked me what I wanted for Christmas I debated what I really wanted. She noted that how much I loved my coin pendant from Mi Moneda and if I wanted some more coins. I actually wanted a new small coin holder and zodiac coin. While browsing online I found a cheap alternative to the expensive pendant....

To be honest I never go to C&A. I used to think that there was nothing there to suit my style. But recently I went to the site and I fell in love! Read more for the pants that I would like to cover myself with.

Bombay meets Paris. Indian wealth combined with French modernity. This winter season let designers design sari-like skirts, ornate collars, embroidered coats with perfectly cut shirts and blouses. Seen on the on the international catwalks. Gold, silver, burgundy and pink dominate this look. Long necklaces, carefully crafted hair accessories or tasteful gems - bindi's - make Indian style perfectly. -catrice
I actually debated if I wanted something from this collection, I decided to pick up one of the polishes that looked pretty. This collection runs till the somewhere half  December. I would advice taking a look for this stunning polish.

I took some nice snapshots since the last life in pictures. I know a lot of people like seeing small parts of my life. So today I am going to show a bit of my food and stash, but ofcoarse also random pictures that do not deserve there own article but do deserve to get mentioned.

Today we have a compact with some nice highlight powder. P2 is a German brand and sadly enough currently only available in Germany. I know this is a risky move talking about germany when today is the Dutch-German soccer game [just kidding] So today I am going to show you this limited edition. That I came to love.

I used to be a big comic fan and I adore batman. So while I was taking my daily ebay stroll I came across a ring that screamed my name. The ring itself was black with black stones, but that was not really me. I searched and searched and then I came across the gold version with white stones.

A while ago I wrote about Asos and there sale. I love watching the items that go on sale so I can get more bang for my buck. Now I have been wanting a statement ring for a while and I came across the Pieces Flica Stone Ring  the multi colored version is currently in sale for 7.64 euro and the black and gold version for 9.03. it is a tad more then I would normally pay for costume jewelry. But this one is love!

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